Wilmer Blog

Day 1  –  26 June 2016

Today went well & without incident!   🙂

Mom & Dad leave for Scotland.

Wilmer is sad.    😦

2:00 pm  Brian arrives as planned at 2:00 pm, stays until 3:19 (I had just left your apartment when you texted me about leaving toilet seat down).

When I arrive, Wilmer is in the bathroom, and comes to greet me half way.  Very affectionate, and when I sit on couch – Wilmer immediately sits on table ready to be brushed – which I did immediately – of course.

No vomit anywhere to be seen.   🙂

wilmer probioticI read your hand-written message about probiotic every other day.

Using my iPhone – I take a picture of the box, and I will go to PETCo here at Hollywood & Western & see if I can get more FortiFlora, based on the picture.

Today (“odd date”) I powder his dry food at 2:30 pm.

He plays with shark laser a little bit.  Never runs, but he does bat around the light when it’s within reach.

Then I re-read your instructions and laugh when I see that part about “Wilmer plays but on his own time,” and “He might not rally…”

wilmer blind lightI Close all the blinds, and will leave on the one small corner/ceiling light in the office.


Much of my time here – Wilmer sits in the hallway, near the front door.

I think because he misses you guys, waiting for your return.

This in mind – I tell him (repeating, I’m sure, what you both told him) – that you’ll be gone for “a very long time“.   I say you love him very much and you WILL come back.  And in the meantime – I’m here to look after him.

wilmer eating

When I first approach his bowls – he has about ¼ of a scoop of dry food, and per instructions – I add to that one scoop of dry food.  Wilmer picks at it some, until I add the probiotic powder at which point he “DIVES IN”!


If you have no objections – I’ll set the radio to “SLEEP” for 90 minutes each time I leave.

wilmer radio


3:19 pm  I leave unit 101, locking door behind me.  He doesn’t try to get out, but he does lay so his little foot is sticking out from beneath the door (just as you said is his way).  No issues here.


5:00 pm – I go to PETCo, but the (very helpful) clerk says Petco doesn’t carry FortiFlora – but she’s pretty sure PETSMART does!   Not sure where there’s a PetSmart – but if we see one – we’ll try getting FortiFlora there.

6:00 pm – Check in on Wilmer.  Cuddl.  Talk with him some.

Raiding your fridge  – I enjoy my first ever Pillsner Beer!  WOW!  I think that’s my new favorite.   It’s very grainy (the way God intended it); hoppy-tasting.  Thanks for the experience!  🙂

6:30 pm – Set the radio and leave at 6:30 pm.

10:00 pm – Food bowl empty.  My own instinct is to feed him – but it’s late and in accordance with “2 scoops per day” protocol – I do not feed him at this time, but I do give him 3 treats.

Happy & in good spirit – Wilmer sits next to me, helping with my latest project.  I start getting tired, & leave 11:30 pm.



Day 2 –  26 June 2016

9:30 am – I feed Wilmer who’s delighted!   Tears into his food, but does not finish – nor does he throw up!

I enjoyed use of your kettle!   What a treat. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had tea made from a kettle.

Interesting side note  – my family’s all from Scotland.  Small World!



10:30 am – One hour after feeding him – Wilmer’s finished about 75% of his breakfast.  26june-remaining breakfast

We play with toys a while – he’s especially intrigued with a tiny wadded up receipt i found in my satchel!

Tiny paper ball bats around real well!   So well in fact, that he knocks over your own bat while racing after it!

That’s right; Uncle Brian’s got cool toys!


 Then he sits near the open window cleaning himself.



About 11:30, Auntie M comes to visit. More cuddling!!   M leaves about 12 Noon.

m with w



Both fans are going in livingroom and office.  I’ll leave them “ON“, unless you say otherwise.



Seeing his bowl empty – I feed Wilmer Dry food Scoop#2 at about 2:30 pm, and then return to my  home / apartment 313.


We happily receive communications on all frequencies (whichever is easiest for you).

Above Contact Form is just one more option.  Might be more convenient (& more secure) if you don’t first need to logon with your password.

Otherwise email, txt msg, or voice.  It’s all good.   🙂



Looks like you’re in for a good time….



4:30 pm – Quick visit Sunday afternoon!

in sink


4:45 pm – what a wonderful picture.  You both look terrific!

  • I’m guessing you took this picture “almost exactly” 12 hours before you emailed it to me.

Hadrian's Wall


TnT Map


happy couple here at a pub in Dalbeattie






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