The Kingman-LA Corridore


kingman-la corridore

WEATHER FORECAST  LA-Hollywood    Kingman

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Distance from Kingman, AZ:





140 miles between Needles & Barstow   /  You might experience spotty / intermittent reception!




California-Arizona Border

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WEATHER FORECAST  LA-Hollywood    Kingman

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AMTRAK Round-Trip Service
connecting LA Union Station to Kingman AZ. 

Southwest Chief (Upstairs)
Adult = $ 118.00
Senior = 100.00




TriState Shuttle

So you just landed in Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, & you need safe transport for tristateshuttlethe 100-mile drive to & from the Holloway House, Kingman, Arizona?

One service worth considering is TriState Shuttle who will transport people to &/or from Kingman House for 

  • $ 370.00 per couple, or
  • $ 210.00 per person.

Call 928-704-9000, & ask for Tim Maller.

Additional details covered in our brief correspondence.



Southern California



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Breakfast – February 7th

First – here’s “The Brian Route”.  This route to Denny’s takes you 26.2 miles – a little out of the way, but…

From Torrance to Hollywood2

This map is NOT TO SCALE, however the side-streets do intersect as they are shown here.

WEATHER FORECAST  Hollywood    Kingman


Compare to Google directions are 25.6 miles (less than 1 mile different) and Google brings you awfully close to those gnarly traffic detours, which means you’re competing with the crazy folks seeking detours to the detour!

Brian’s route as seen on Google Maps.

Similar to Bing Maps = 27.8 miles. – both Google & Bing take you up [the most direct path of] the 110 Freeway.

In Command & Out of Control
If something happens where you must improvise – just remember – basically you want to travel NorthiEast, as Hollywood is basically NE or Torrance.


Where are “the bad areas“?   Highly subjective.

For starters, here’s a list of homicides in LA County, compiled by the LA Times.  Notice the zoom & full screen controls in the top left corner.