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“OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF!” Except where otherwise noted – all audio & narration at this blog page are produced by people OTHER THAN Brian Newberry. These artists are of the highest calibre.

Although most items in this blog are traditional “Audio Dramas” – once in a while you might also see a few “videos” on this page which are included exclusively for their audio content. I.e. such video programmes provide a sufficiently rich experience, even without being seen.

Happy Listening…!

History Professor’s Thoughts on Trump

….not what you might think, this is a thought-provoking lecture in which  Jonathan Barth (asst. professor of History at Arizona State University) compares Trump to Bernie Sanders, and shares his thoughts about the general election, the future of republican party, and ultimately asks more questions than he answers – not least of which, “What if [Trump] does a good job….?”


Rev. Dr. William Barber II

“There comes a time when we must declare eternal dissatisfaction with poverty, racism, materialism, and militarism…!

War Of The Worlds, 1971


Probably the best Radio Drama I’ve ever heard.

No actors – New York radio station WKBW used their actual news and DJ staff, presenting the original Orson Wells story in a contemporary 1971 radio news-style.  Once in 1968, and again, in 1971.


The accompanying news stories are real-world news stories (Ireland’s terrorist attacks, public protests to the Attica State prison riots, Nixon & the Peace Corps), reported just as heard on their regular station news during that current day (Oct 31st, 1971).

DJ Jackson Armstrong and commercial sponsor Keyhole Fashions provide fantastic nostalgic 1970s backdrop.

Treat yourself.  Put this on & let it run in the background, just like having the radio on.  You’ll be glad you did!



I’m not alone when I say this is the best free sound editor on the market!  Anytime I do anything Audio, I want Audacity with me.


With my mic & recording set up – Audacity is the first resource I use before I begin to make edits (for which I use a different software).

Before editing – the first thing I do with a raw sound file is adjust the bass & treble.  This affects the volume, which is why I do it BEFORE i amplify the volume (usually to about 12-15).

Finally – I use audacity to remove the background noise (yeah!  it does that!)

These three tasks are just the tip of the iceberg.  The robust & powerful Audacity can adjust balance, pitch and speed too, though I seldom have need for that.

Audacity IconA myriad other features I’ve not even begun to consider.  Audacity does it all!

Read more and get the free download!