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The Rapier-like Wit of CARTER PAGE

carter page2
These YouTubes are definitely worth turning on your volume for.
Trump’s foreign policy advisor *CARTER PAGE* always looks like he’s got something crawling up his leg…


There’s at least two sides to every story, and Carter Page is no exception….



Carter Page’s name appeared repeatedly in the leaked Trump–Russia dossier compiled by former British Intelligence operative Christopher Steel, which alleged a pattern of close interactions between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

In January 2017 Page was under investigation by the FBI, CIA, NSA, ODNI, and FinCEN.



In this interview George Stephanopoulos’ first question gets side-stepped, and the interview starts to unravel from there…




First of two interviews with Anderson – former Trump advisor CARTER PAGE definitely has a story to tell….


No stranger to public speaking – Trump campaign advisor CARTER PAGE grants a second interview to Anderson Cooper on CNN.



Funny – Carter Page always begins with this smug smile as if he’s about to pounce the interviewer.  Then about 30 seconds into the interview, he abruptly falls apart….



Even FOX News suggests Carter Page should get a lawyer!



The Return of Carter Page

“It was a confidential meeting. Everyone that was in that meeting agreed they would keep the conversation confidential, and I was respecting that…

“The reason why I can talk about it now is the Kremlin spokesperson Mr. Peskov, has said that Yes that were discus- umm…. – There were various interactions ahh between supporters of the Trump campaign, as well as the Clinton campaign I would imagine….”

– CARTER PAGE, 27 April 2017

RODRIGO DUTERTE – a Murderous, Fascist Dictator

…and Donald Trump’s personal guest at the White House.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte – dispicible filth; plain & simple.

In his publicly broadcast statements – Rodrigo Duterte has personally bragged about killing people as a form of recreation.

In Duterte’s own words: “Hitler massacred 3 million [sic] Jews. Now there is three million drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them.

Regardless of political party – anyone who would welcome this turd needs to justify such a horrific decision.



Trump’s invitation was offered less than a year after

On 5 September 2016, Rodrigo Duterte called [then US President] Obama the “SON OF A WHORE”.

Regardless of your own political party – (whether you like Obama, Trump, Bush, or whomever…) NO US PRESIDENT should be insulted in this way by another country’s leader.

If Trump refuses to respond appropriately, then at the very least – Trump should actively block such a monster from coming anywhere NEAR the White House.  Anything short of this suggests Trump is either stupid or cowardly.

In this video obtained by The Guardian – Duterte’s angry statement is clearly hostile to the seated US president at the time.


DUTERTE QUOTE:…and i go around [the city] with a motorcycle…. I was looking for an encounter so I could kill….

– Philippines President RODRIGO DUTERTE, 14 December 2016 


Calling Barack Obama a “son of a whore”, this is news coverage from 5 September 2016 – seven months before Donald Trump invited Philippine leader RODRIGO DUTARTE to be his guest at the White House.




This ignorant fascist refers to Osama bin Laden as “the guy…  uhh…. that islamic preacher i think…? ” (see cued up video).

In favor of criminalizing homosexuality – in formal press conferences, Duterte uses terms like “pissed off”, while intentionally comparing himself to Adolf Hitler.


Related Evidence:






“Alter-Speak” . . . .

Any press secretary should know that the Nazis did use poisonous gas to exterminate literally more than six million innocent people.
This blogger finds it ironic the Trump administration’s press secretary is so uninformed on Nazi doctrine.
In terms of attacking the free press as a means of promoting disinformation, their obsession with military power above civil rights & common decency (some would say “fascism“), and specifically discriminating against people based on culture, ethnicity & religion – with all the similarities between the Trump administration & the Nazis, I’d think Sean Spicer would be more knowledgeable about all those perspectives they share.
Just for the record – the leader of Syria is Bashar al-Assad (as opposed to incorrect names Spicer uses: “Bissaa al-Ashar.”, “Bashad al-Assar”, and simply “Ashad”).
The US wants to “STABILIZE” the region (we don’t want to “destabilize the region”, as Spicer said).
No such word as “undermind”; no such word as “nucular”.
Read the complete article in Business Insider.

Clandestine Meetings at a Hotel

Consenting adults, behind closed doors can do whatever they want right?
To a trusting person – maybe there’s nothing wrong with Trump campaign officials meeting with the Russian delegation – even on multiple occasions – whether at a hotel or in the attorney general’s office.
But when Trump & his team do these things without full disclosure to Congress – their actions are conspicuously deceptive.
To put it in “regular Joe” perspective.
Suppose my wife discovers that last year I met my x-girlfriend Ginger for lunch several times.  Once was alone in my office, then  multiple times at a hotel out of town.
In itself, nothing wrong with meeting Ginger for lunch.  But it’s grossly suspect when I do these things without telling my wife about it.
In the absence of candid, thorough disclosure, regarding the Trump-Russia Connection, it’s apparent we the People have experienced the worst type of infidelity.
This must not stand.