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Typing Defense

This is a fantastic (& addictive) typing game!     Nothing to install, this is all cloudware – completely FREE, no membership required.   Enjoy!

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Antonin Scalia on Assault Weapons, & the 2nd Amendment

According to Justice Antonin Scalia (a conservative’s conservative) – our “right to bear arms” most likely would NOT apply to assault rifles.

Speaking of the 2nd Amendment (ratified in 1791) Scalia said “…the sorts of weapons protected were those ‘in common use at the time.’.

“We think that limitation is fairly supported by the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of ‘dangerous and unusual weapons….’”

Trump on US Military: “We never win, and we don’t fight to win…”

If you watch the president’s eyes, you can see where he goes off script & speaks candidly.

“We must ensure that our courageous men & women have the tools they need to deter war, and when called upon in our name –


“We have to win.  We have to start winning wars again.  

“I have to say, when I was young in high school, in college – everybody used to say we never lost a war.  We never win a war.  You remember. 

“Some of you were right there with me, and you remember?  We never lost a war; America never lost. 

“And… now we never win a war.  We never win. 

“And we don’t fight to win. 

“We don’t fight to win.

“So we’ve either got to win, or don’t fight it at all…

– President Donald Trump / 27 FEBRUARY 2017


Disempowering, malicious slander against US armed forces – this was President Donald Trump speaking less than a month after U.S. Navy SEAL Ryan Owens was killed by small arms fire during the raid in Al Bayda Provence, Yemen – 29 January 2017.


Michael Flynn

December 10, 2015 – Michael Flynn is paid $ 45,000.00 to speak at a gala dinner in Moscow in honor of RT – the Russian propaganda wing.   This is one of many payments from Russia which Michael Flynn kept secret from US authorities.

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Vladimir Putin (former head of KGB) claims he had “NO IDEA” he was sitting with the former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, & future US National Security Advisor – General MICHAEL FLYNN.

Flynn sat next to Russian President (& Flynn’s client) Vladimir Putin, with Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov in front of Flynn.

Flynn was paid ~ $ 600,000 by the “Turkish Institute of Progress” an operation founded by Dimitri Zaikin, a Soviet-born former executive in Russian energy and mining companies.  Flynn kept this hidden from US authorities.

Secretly, Flynn was also paid $11,250 by the U.S. subsidiary of a Russian cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky Lab, and another $11,250 by a U.S. air cargo company affiliated with the Volga-Dnepr Group, which is owned by a Russian businessman.

Buzzfeed covers how Michael Flynn lied to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, the actions for which he pleaded guilty.

There’s also the secret $ 15 million kidnapping job, to be paid on delivery, by Turkey’s dictator Recap Erdogan.

JAN. 24 2017 – FBI interviews Flynn who denies discussing U.S. sanctions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.


Russia Closes US Consulate in St. Petersburg

Of all the different locations in Russia in which Putin COULD have closed a US Office – there’s a curious irony in Putin’s choice of Saint Petersburg.

According to Robert Mueller’s Indictment of 16 February – St. Petersburg is home to the “Internet Research Agency” – the troll farm from which Russia conducts “Cyber Warfare against the US”.

Which is the Best Antivirus…?

Taken from an article in HOW TO GEEK:  “Windows Defender comes built-in to Windows 10, and automatically scans programs you open, downloads new definitions from Windows Update, and provides an interface you can use for in-depth scans.

Best of all, it doesn’t slow down your system, and mostly stays out of your way—which we can’t say about most other antivirus programs…”

More good news!

Google Chrome engineer calls Windows Defenderthe only well behaved AV”…

Also – two well-regarded anti-malware resources – both FREE!

  1. Zermana
  2. Malwarebytes