“Alter-Speak” . . . .

Any press secretary should know that the Nazis did use poisonous gas to exterminate literally more than six million innocent people.
This blogger finds it ironic the Trump administration’s press secretary is so uninformed on Nazi doctrine.
In terms of attacking the free press as a means of promoting disinformation, their obsession with military power above civil rights & common decency (some would say “fascism“), and specifically discriminating against people based on culture, ethnicity & religion – with all the similarities between the Trump administration & the Nazis, I’d think Sean Spicer would be more knowledgeable about all those perspectives they share.
Just for the record – the leader of Syria is Bashar al-Assad (as opposed to incorrect names Spicer uses: “Bissaa al-Ashar.”, “Bashad al-Assar”, and simply “Ashad”).
The US wants to “STABILIZE” the region (we don’t want to “destabilize the region”, as Spicer said).
No such word as “undermind”; no such word as “nucular”.
Read the complete article in Business Insider.

One thought on ““Alter-Speak” . . . .

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