Clandestine Meetings at a Hotel

Consenting adults, behind closed doors can do whatever they want right?
To a trusting person – maybe there’s nothing wrong with Trump campaign officials meeting with the Russian delegation – even on multiple occasions – whether at a hotel or in the attorney general’s office.
But when Trump & his team do these things without full disclosure to Congress – their actions are conspicuously deceptive.
To put it in “regular Joe” perspective.
Suppose my wife discovers that last year I met my x-girlfriend Ginger for lunch several times.  Once was alone in my office, then  multiple times at a hotel out of town.
In itself, nothing wrong with meeting Ginger for lunch.  But it’s grossly suspect when I do these things without telling my wife about it.
In the absence of candid, thorough disclosure, regarding the Trump-Russia Connection, it’s apparent we the People have experienced the worst type of infidelity.
This must not stand.

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