Could Trump’s ties with Russia suggest Treason…?

Various News sources have learned that the 35-page dossier provided by Sir Andrew Wood (a British diplomat) is gaining credibility among law enforcement.

The dossier, which accuses Mr. Trump and members of his campaign staff of treason against the United States, was compiled by Christopher Steele, a former high-ranking agent for Britain’s MI6 intelligence service—and the head of that service’s Russia desk.


The dossier of unverified claims alleges serious conspiracy and misconduct in the final months of the 2016 presidential campaign. The White House has dismissed the dossier as fiction, and most of the claims remain unverified. The timeline of major events, however, lines up.

Intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic say Steele is highly competent and thoroughly credible.

The document includes one particularly explosive allegation — that the Trump campaign agreed to minimize US opposition to Russia’s incursions into Ukraine in exchange for the Kremlin releasing negative information about Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. The timing of events supporting this allegation also lines up.




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