Contact our Decision-Makers

So how do you like Donald Trump as our new president?
Is he the greatest thing to hit the US since Freedom Fries?
Is he an orange Adolf Hitler?  Is he somewhere in between?

Tell our nation’s policy makers what you think!

Image result for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz – Senator from Texas
click to Voice Your Opinion, or call (512) 916-5834


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Dianne Feinstein – Senator from California
click to Email Me, or call (619) 231-9712


Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)


Lindsey Graham – Senator from South Carolina
use the Contact Form, or call (864) 250-1417


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John McCain – Senator from Arizona
Share Your Opinion or call (928) 445-0833




Mitch McConnell – Senator from Kentucky
Contact Form – (502) 582-6304




Paul Ryan – Congressman from Wisconsin
click to Speak Out – (262) 654-1901



Mac Thornberry


Mac Thornberry – Congressman from Texas
Email Mac – (use gray button on the right)
Phone: (806) 371-8844




Donald Trump – President of the United States
Contact – Phone: (202) 456-1111




Did we forget someone?   Please let us know!  If nothing else – Just give us a name, and we’ll take it from there.


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