Useful FREE Cloudware!

Here are some super useful resources!  All Free – no account or password – they’re just already up & running.



Here’s a FREE Resource worth bookmarking!  ““.  In addition to this aesthetically pleasing, simple/no-frills clock – Clock-Tab ALSO puts the current time in the TAB of your browser, so it’s always within eyeshot (seconds too!)




As its name implies – a fully functional (& easily accessible) TIMER!  ““, whichever timer your choose is prominently highlighted on the page AND added to your browser tab, conveniently at-a-glance; no need to switch tabs!





Here’s a FREE Resource worth bookmarking!  “

Simple, fast, & clean – no account or password needed!  Mark a few important dates – then go to any of your marked dates click “Summary“, where you can get a link to your own unique calendar – with your own unique dates marked!


Easily find the number of days between any two dates — simply double click on the first and last dates on the calendar.

calendar-12cClick on the icon in the upper right corner of the selected month’s calendar to see a list of holidays and additional information about working days in that month.

Click on a chosen day to see a tool-tip with the number of days remaining and a name of the holiday.


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