This is a fun graphic I created to promote my narration of the Columbo TV Movie “PRESCRIPTION MURDER“…

virtue sacrifice

Was “Virtue & Sacrifice” really a movie?  No – but it does have an interesting backstory…

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes an effective Audio Drama has different strengths & weaknesses, advantages & drawbacks, unique from viewable media (e.g. TV, movies, and YouTube).

In the Columbo TV movie “PRESCRIPTION MURDER” – one of the characters is the murderer’s mistress “Joan Hudson“, a struggling bit-part actress, currently working on the set of an upcoming movie.

In the story “Prescription Murder” – the name of Joan’s upcoming movie is never mentioned – primarily because it’s neither important nor relevant to the story, thus it would be unnecessary, and would require extra time.

HOWEVER in an audio drama – [this producer felt] the audience really does need to hear a name of Joan’s upcoming movie.

So in this case – I came up with the title “VIRTUE & SACRIFICE“.   Then – as a fun way of promoting my audio drama, I created the above graphic, complete with a kitschy slogan.

So why “Virtue & Sacrifice”, and why the Greek/roman motif?

Watching Prescription Murder – we the audience see Joan Hudson on the set.  Her hair is done up in curls, and she is dressed in a long flowing robe.

Commenting that she looks like a chamber maid – Detective Columbo asks conversationally, “So are you Roman girl or a Greek girl….?”

These are the only few clues we audience members know about the character Joan Hudson and her bit part in the upcoming film.

Columbo Audio Dramas by Project Wasabi:



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