Hot Coffee Lawsuit

I used to think this was a frivolous lawsuit, but once I read about the specifics regarding this case, I began to reconsider my take on it.  Although I do side mostly with McDonalds on this case – it’s not quite as cut-&-dry as it was reported in the media.

Variables worth considering…

  • Over 700 complaints had been made about the extra hot temperature
  • Coffee was 30′ hotter than nearby restaurants.  Hotter than most home coffee brewers.
  • This poor woman suffered 3rd degree burns on her genitals.
  • All she wanted for was for McD’s to pay her medical bills.
  • The 3 million dollars was a suggestion of one of the jurors and NOT the plaintiff’s idea.

Ultimately it’s reported the plaintiff collected about $ 500,000.00 – but no one will ever know for sure because the decision is sealed.

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