Great James River Raft Race

Guaranteed to get your feet a tappin’!  When I was a younger guy – my dad was stationed in Petersburg, VA, and every July – we’d have “The Great James River Raft Race”.

The local radio station had a commercial which was done by the same musicians, and in the same style as this video – which was a comparable event in Florida.


I was sittin’ round the house, and a roastin’ in the summer,

And a’twiddlin’ my thumbs & thinkin “What a bummer!

Then I heard a fella talkin’ on the kitchen radio,

He said “Get yourself a raft; that’s the only way to go!

It’s a Tampa Bay Raft Race a’ comin’ real soon,

And as sure as I’m sittin’ here pickin this tune,

He said “You can help yourself & have a good time too!

And the way he talked – it sounded like a proper thing to do.

He said “Set your feet a walkin’ with your vim & your vigor,”

And somethin’ that he said gave a tug to my trigger,

So i fired up my Chevy, and I took a little journey,

Got a barrell and a log & my poor dog Betty….!


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