The Delicious World of Almond Milk

silkmilkALMOND MILK SEPARATES, “and that’s OK…!

As you might guess, just shake the carton vigorously so it doesn’t separate!

My concern was that shaking the carton I’d only be
“mixing together” sour milk, but “no”.

I was relieved to learn – where almond milk is concerned, “separation does NOT mean it’s spoiled!”  In fact – that’s what almond milk does.

That’s really the crux of what I was looking for, & and I found it in this great article in Epicurious.

Here’s my personal take.

DK-Choc-HG-engSilk Almond Chocolate is – bar none – better than any other chocolate milk found in the dairy section.  This stuff is AMAZING!  Wonderful!  I could easily drink a carton right down & think nothing of it.

Silk Cashew Chocolate is equally delicious – but usually 50¢ more expensive.  So we usually hold Cashew for special occasions – or sometimes when Cashew’s on sale, which brings it down to the same as the other milks, then we’ll treat ourselves to “the good stuff“.

Tasty as it is – we can’t really use chocolate milk in our breakfast cereal and cooking, etc.  So here’s the run down on white milks:


silk-almond-originalIn terms of regular white milk, Silk Almond Original is nearest to the mark (a happy mid-point between 2% and whole milk), with just the slightest hint of almond, and a subtle, barely noticeable sweetness.  For regular use as regular white milk – Silk Almond Original is my favourite.


For some pallets, my preferrence of “Original” might taste a bit bland.

No problem.  Silk Almond Vanilla is delicious, without being overly sweet.

For better or worse – Silk Almond Vanilla is quite filling!  Might be good for people trying to eat less.  Whenever I drink it – i don’t feel like eating.  Plus of course – it does have decent nutrients, so it might make a good meal supplement.  It definitely isn’t “bad tasting”, so one should be comfortable experimenting.

Silk Almond Vanilla is a good “gateway” almond milk, for those want to develop a taste for almond milk, as they slowly give up the cow.  For some folks, my preferred “Original” might be a bit bland.  Creamy, cold & delicious!


Silk Almond Unsweetened is my “least favourite“; as it tastes like I’m drinking tap water. I can’t say it tastes”bad“; rather it just tastes like plain water; it’s tasteless.  And who wants to eat their breakfast cereal with tasteless tap water?   Certainly not Brian Newberry, that’s for sure!

When I want milk – I want milk!  And in terms of taste, feel, etc. – “Unsweetened Almond” milk is nothing like the experience of drinking milk.  It’s about like drinking regular nonfat milk.  BLEGHHHH!   silk-creamer-close-croppedFrom one extreme to another…

Silk Almond Creamer  – EWWW!  EGAD NO!  Terrible!  It’s incredibly sweeeeet.  WAY TOO SWEET!

When I see this – I run screaming into the street flailing my arms like a maniac (OK I often do this anyway).  Point being – Silk Almond Creamer (to my pallet) tastes like I’m mixing honey into my coffee!

In fact – it’s sweeter than honey.  Almond Creamer is HORRIBLE.




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