Freeing up Disk Space on Windows 8.1

freeing-up-spacefree-up-spaceAccolades and gratitude to Scott Hanselman, for this tech article which helped me tremendously.

Background:  My 8″ PC tablet has a tiny “C” drive (“C:\”) of only 24 GB in size; not much!

So I bought a separate SIM card (“I:\” is 64 GB) which works just fine!

The Problem:  No matter how hard I try put everything on my I drive (“I:\”) – my tiny little “C” drive seems to accumulate crap like a fishing net!

Everytime I look – my C drive showing in that ominous RED color, with less than 1% of Free Space, which of course causes my tablet runs slow.

Hanselman’s article reveals some simple ways to solve this problem and similar problems.




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