Think Tanks Human Players

Attention All THINK TANKS Players!think tanks

Now you can get a text message alerting you when there’s at least one other human player online (possibly more).

Get a confirmation, to which you reply “YES“.
Cancel at any time, simply by replying STOP.


– “Hollywood
…..(a.k.a. “Project Wasabi“)

Think Tanks was originally created as a stand-alone game for the PC, then later available for Mac iOS.

Typically Think Tanks is played with teams of Human players (with bots filling in if no humans are available).

Players try to shoot and destroy the other tanks.

The game is no longer available to purchase – but free versions are available, an independent master server and game servers are running, and there is a small but highly spirited community at

The game is very easily modded and there are currently thousands of unique maps available. These include all of the maps, objects and effects developed for the failed InstantAction platform.  Read more….?


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