Good Job, TracFone..!

tracfone1With all mobile service horror stories we hear, it’s nice when stuff works the way we want it to.  In short – here’s what went down:

  1. Brian drops his iPhone 4 breaking its screen, very sad.  Phone still works, but shattered display renders text photodifficult to read.
  2. Brian orders a replacement iPhonei4 from ebay.   $ 50.00, such a deal!
  3. Before ordering the new SIM card from TracFone, on a whim – Brian removes SIM card from old, broken iPhonei4, and simply inserts the SIM card into new, ebay iPhone 4.
  4. In the new iPhone, the SIM card immediately connects new iPhone with Tracfone’s 3G network, everything works great and once again Brian’s a happy camper.

Case Closed  /  Happy Ending!   🙂

Lessons Learned

Here’s some useful stuff I learned along the way, though my technical terminology might be a little shaky….

There are at least two different types of “iPhonei4

  1. GSM (carried by AT&T) and
  2. CDMA (carried by Verizon / Sprint).

Each type requires a different setup.

This image demonstrates how you can easily spot the difference (at the left side of the image).   Notice Verizon’s small but unmistakable black notch in its aluminum antenna frame (near top of the phone / left side of image).

rocker-iphone-4-verizon-vs-attLucky for me – my old phone and my new phone were both AT&T. and I’m quite certain that’s what made the transition as smooth as possible going from my broken iPhone 4 to my replacement iPhone 4; no need for me to buy a new SIM card!


Read Apple’s interesting web page, How To Identify Your iPhone Model.


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