Mr Sulu, Gay…?

sulu suluGeorge Takei has always been gay, and Good for him!

Senior Helmsman “Hikaru Sulu” has always been straight, and Good for him!

Creatively speaking – it’s “wrong” to take one character / well-defined over decades of TV & movies – then change him into something different.

  • Side Note:  for those who’ve not seen the latest “Mr Sulu” – actor John Cho does a fantastic job!  In my opinion, a worthy successor to George Takei. 

Imagine the shoe on the other foot!   Crime novelist Jonathan Kellerman has written over 20 books featuring the character LAPD Detective Milo Sturgis – a gay homicide investigator who meets his life-partner “Dr Rick Silverman” in the Emergency Room (a realistic setting for a cop to meet an ER surgeon).

Now just imagine making a movie about this character and changing Milo Sturgis into a straight cop, married to a woman doctor!   NO WAY!  It’s stupid and lame.

Moreover – it would be an unnecessary change to a reality which has taken 20 books to cement.

Probably goes without saying but author Jonathan Kellerman has written on his website – “I’m possessive of [my characters], and don’t want to see them distorted or diminished.

I grew up watching Star Trek, and – as a lifetime FAN – I guarantee – whenever there was an attractive woman in the room – Sulu always “looked”, and for over 40 years, Sulu has always behaved like any other hetrosexual man.

I think it’s a great idea to represent the gay community in some way.  But write in a new character!  Don’t take an existing character who’s straight, and make him gay!

In the Star Wars universe – when Lucasarts wanted to include the african american culture – they didn’t suddenly make Han Solo & Yoda black.  Nope!  They wrote in all new characters!  Lando Calrissian and Mace Windu!

If Sulu is gay – then why not have Kevin Spacey plaing Lt.Uhura!

Maybe a movie about boxing legend Muhammad Ali – with the title roll given to Justin Bieber!

Obviously there’s nothing “bad” or “ethically wrong” with being Japanese.  But it’s wrong to portray Tony Soprano as Asian, when – in all past shows – he’s been Caucasian!

The article in Rolling Stone magazine casually says (the new) Star Trek writers are “adding a queer character….“.  But they’re not “adding” anything.  What they’re doing is “changing an existing character,” and that’s a bad move – no matter what universe.

Script writer Simon Pegg is wrong when he says “we are all LGBT somewhere….”   Not “all” of us fall into this limited spectrum of only four possibilities, just like Life is too short for only two genders.

If it’s so damned important we categorise humanity into these rigid little boxes L, G, B, and T – then fairness dictates we include the “S” for straights.

There’s plenty of room for everyone here!

If Simon Pegg wants to use the word “ALL”, then respectfully – he’d be more correct to say “we are all LGBTS somewhere….”

Shouldn’t we strive for a universe in which everyone is fairly represented on an equal playing field, where everyone’s embraced, no one gets left out?   🙂


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