How quickly we forget….

In the wake of Operation Desert Storm’s epic victory expelling Iraqi Forces out of Kuwait – many people asked “Why didn’t we take out Hussein when we had the chance back in 1991?”  .

At that time – “Secretary of Defense” Dick Cheney (as well as most military advisers) recommended AGAINST ousting Saddam Hussein.

But a few years later – “Vice President Dick Cheney” did a 180′ turn-around, aggressively encouraging the new “Bush Jr” administration (and later, the Obama administration) to INVADE IRAQ – even though such invasion was opposed by many, thus had fewer troops, and put US forces at far greater risk than we experienced back in Desert Storm.

Political commentator Cenk Uygur wonders what ever could have changed Cheney’s mind about invading Iraq?   (Editor’s Note:   “What Else….?”)

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 10.15.37 AM



…but don’t take the young turk’s word for it.   Listen to it directly from Dick Cheney himself.



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