Most effective way to vote Bernie…

vote berniePROBLEM:  As a registered INDEPENDENT, I cannot vote for Bernie Sanders.

SOLUTION:  Just in the interests of getting Bernie elected – I have changed my Party, and registered as a “Democrat“.

California residents should use the Secretary of State website

As pictured, just click the button at the bottom [Register To Vote Now].

That site address is the important part, as the site tells you everything you need.

Additional Information

bernie_button7 - iStyle2Simple, quick process takes less than 10 minutes, its questions relevant & appropriate (e.g. your home address, email, etc).

I think it might ask for your California Drivers Licence Number (“CDL”).

Well-run website, which (even if you’ve already stated your reason for being there) does ask the party from which you’re coming, and also – the party under which you want to register.

Regardless of who becomes President – once it’s all over – I can use this same site to return to INDEPENDENT.

How did I know about the Secretary Of State website?

I got a phone call from a Bernie Volunteer, and (as so typically happens) I truly WAS on my way out the door.

I was just about to hang up on him with a polite “I’m already voting for Bernie.  Goodbye.”  But for some reason, I listened to this guy’s pitch, even though I was in a hurry.

“I’m pressed for time.  Just tell me what you want me to do,” I said.

“Register as democrat before you vote,” Andrew said.

“How?  Is there a site?”

“Yes, do you have a pen…?”






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