Oprah Winfrey interviews Mark Fuhrman

In defense of Mark Fuhrman – a few points by which we might challenge what we were told to believe…

  1. If this man truly is the “racist cop” the dreamteam made him out to be – then WHY would he voluntarily appear (not just once, but twice) on a talkshow, hosted by an african-american?
  2. Wouldn’t being on Oprah’s show contribute to the success of someone he allegedly hates?
  3. Why would Oprah Winfrey give valuable air time to a hostile bigot who purportedly targets members of her own race?
  4. How could such a successful talkshow host welcome such a predator onto her show, and remain popular among her audience?

Watch a few minutes (any few minutes) of this video, and make up your own mind.


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