Defense Advance Research Projects Agency

Quick Links within this video.

  1. Introduction – solving the “Darpa-Hard” problems
  2. Iron Curtain – protection from RPGs
  3. Exoskeleton – “Iron-Man” is no longer sci-fi
  4. WASP – Unmanned Surveillance
  5. Skunkworks by Lockheed Martin
  6. SCRAM JET – The Falcon Unmanned Bomber
  7. PowerSwim – Military Imitates Nature
  8. Micro-Air Vehicle (“Hover & Stare”)
  9. The Gloves – heat exhaustion & hypothermia
  10. Virtual Environment realworld 1st person simulator
  11. A1-60 Airwolf without a pilot
  12. What’s Next?  Ideas for the next 50 years




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