Don’t like ‘Google Hangouts’…?

….want to get your old Voice back?

PROBLEM:  For better or worse – Google has “sprung” its latest cloudware on members with very little warning.  

Some Google & Gmail users hate the new “HANGOUTS“, and want to return to the tried-&-true “VOICE“.


  1. Open “Hangouts“,
  2. In the top left corner, click the hamburger Menu
  3. Come all the way down to, & click Settings
  4. At the bottom of Settings, locate “Google Voice”, and Uncheck the Box marked “Receive SMS & Voicemail in Hangouts.”
  5. Go back to Google Voice, hit REFRESH, and you should find your old familiar [Text] button, right where you left it – on the left side, next to the [Call] button.

Happy Texting!  😀


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