iPhone 4 – Turn It Off? Or Keep It On…?


Long story short:   just keep an 80% charge (not 100%) on your iPhone, and your battery should last a very long time!

Personally I use the iPhone 4, but this may apply to other gadgets as well. 

iphone4slugSurprisingly – keeping it fully charged to 100% all the time shortens battery’s lifespan. 

As Digital Trend’s SIMON HILL writes, “Frequent top-ups, rather than one daily charge up, is healthier for your battery. It’s not convenient, but that’s the optimal way to charge your smartphone if you want to ensure the longest life possible.

The sweet spot for lithium-ion batteries is to keep them charged between 50% and 80%.

This allows for the charged ions to continue to work and protect the life of your battery.

Charging your device in short spurts throughout the day will give these ions just enough energy to keep them going.”

Read Simon Hill’s complete article (or watch his video) at Digital Trends. 


Should I unplug my iPhone at night…?

Keeping things in perspective – three members of the iMore forum share their experience…

i7guy:  I don’t know the answer to this, but my phones last a long time and I don’t worry about how long it’s on the charger.

boovish:  No, I’ve never not charged it over night, and my batteries have lasted a really long time. 

HankAZ:  My dad has always charged his iPhone over night – from the very first iPhone released. I’ve had iPhones since the iPhone 4, and have done likewise. The circuitry is designed to stop charging to prevent over charging, and to switch between full charge and trickle charge to protect the battery. There is absolutely no problem with charging your iPhone overnight.

(Shrug!) Well there ya go . . .



Matdredalia – a member of Yahoo! Answers writes, “There’s no real reason to constantly turn your iPhone on and off. Now, locking it is DEFINITELY the way you want to go if you’re not using it, but turning it all the way off serves no purpose, and will only make you miss calls, messages, etc.

maxresdefault (1)I have never heard anything about turning an iPhone off helping to prolong the battery’s overall lifespan, ever. It was designed to run constantly, it’s a cellphone! So, lock it whenever you’re not using it (your lock button is the little button on top, in case you’re new to the iPhone), and you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

#1 – Keep it out of extreme temperatures…

#2 – Use your phone! The electrons in the Lithium Ion battery NEED to be used frequently…

#3 – Drain the battery at least once a month.  Use your iPhone until the battery is completely dead, at least once a month…

Read the complete article on Yahoo! Answers.


Other good references:

Controversy lingers about whether or not one should ever completely power down their iPhone…  

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Huffington Post – 9 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your iPhone
……………………….. editor’s note:  despite the snarky title – this
……………………….. is actually a good, informative read. 

MacWorldTips to Help Boost iPhone Battery Life





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