The Jodi Arias Timeline

Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias

Travis Alexander & Jodi Arias



Whenever possible – I have cited names, locations, dates, sources, and included exact details.

However much of this timeline is based on my casual observations of websites, TV reports, and the hearsay of unverified sources.

As such – this page makes no guarantee of accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the information contained herein, and this timeline is not intended as a definitive History of the events discussed….

Those not interested in the background can “cut to the chase” by scrolling down to “MAY, 2005“.  
video icon6Simple points on which most agree.
  • Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias meet in Las Vegas during a work conference.
  • Two attractive young professionals enjoy each others company.
  • The two exchange contact information, and return to their separate homes (which are 300 miles apart).
  • Their long-distance romance lasts about eight months, and Travis breaks up with Jodi.
  • Jodi immediately relocates to an apartment just 10 minutes from Travis’ front door.
  • Jodi continually offers Travis no-strings sex, and the two become “friends with benefits“.
  • A healthy 29-year-old man, Travis is torn between his sexuality and the taboos of his Church.
  • Jodi upsets Travis’ circle of friends, being sexually provocative, and socially inappropriate.
  • Jodi tracks his movements, sneaks into his home, hacks into his cellphone, email and bank accounts, slashes his tires, and harasses the women he dates.
  • At some point – Travis completely breaks it off with Jodi in all ways – sexual and otherwise. He admits to friends he is “extremely afraid” of Jodi.
  • Finally, Jodi Arias kills Travis Alexander by stabbing him 27 times, slicing his throat, and shooting him in the head.

Chronological Timeline

Innocent As Newborn Babies

travis young boy2

Travis Alexander (4 years old)

July 28, 1977:

Travis Alexander is born in Riverside, California. His parents are crystal meth addicts, and Travis and his siblings are adopted by their grandmother, Norma Jean Preston Alexander Sarvey, who baptizes them into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

July 9, 1980:

Jodi Ann Arias is born in Salinas, California, and grows up with her parents in Northern California & Oregon.



When she’s six years old, Jodi hits her younger brother Carl on the head with a baseball bat.

Babysitter Beth Hawkins recalls Jodi is an “exceptionally aggressive child“.  While babysitting, Beth Hawkins cannot leave the two children alone without some sort of violent or destructive incident (watch video).

Jodi’s Troubled Teenage Years.

Summer, 1994

14-year-old Jodi routinely fights with her parents, she shoves her mother Sandy, kicks her, and on at least one occasion, Jodi punches her mother Sandy in the face.

Sandy Arias discovers 8th grade Jodi is using her mom’s tupperware to grow marijuana on the roof of their home.  Sandy and Bill call the sheriffs dept. who book Jodi and two of her friends.

After that,” her father Bill says, “it was like something turned in her head… She hid everything from us and always has since then… and she has never been honest with us since then…

video icon6

Jodi becomes more secretive, alienating her parents, barely speaking to them.


Bachelor #1; enter Bobby Juarez

August, 1995

video icon6While at a carnival with friends, 15-year-old Jodi meets 18-year-old Bobby Juarez for the first time.  Unemployed and on crutches, Bobby Juarez has long dark curly hair, and Jodi says he has “an 18th century goth, kind-of” look, and that he “really likes video games”.  In Yreka’s triple-digit temperatures, Bobby wears a high collar white shirt under heavy dark clothes.

juarez and arias croppedJodi & Bobby ride “The Zipper” carnival ride, they begin talking.  Jodi is intrigued by this man, and the two become friends.


January, 1996:

According to Jodi Arias, this is when she and Bobby Juarez begin dating officially as boyfriend and girlfriend..

When she’s 15 years old, Bobby wants to get married, move to San Francisco and hunt vampires.  But Jodi (a freshman in high school) sees this as unrealistic and “too intense“, so she breaks up with Bobby.

According to Jodi Arias – Bobby is physically abusive; including choke-holds, arm-locks, and threats to Jodi’s family.

According to Jodi Arias, Bobby is so distraught by the breakup – he tries to kill himself by slitting his wrists.   Jodi Arias claims, Bobby is committed to “some kind of psychiatric ward in Citrus Heights, just north of Sacramento.


August, 1997:

Jodi travels to Costa Rica for a month to study Spanish on a student exchange program. While in Costa Rica she has a brief romance with a local teenager named Victor Arias (no relation).  Victor gives Jodi a promise ring and tells her he wants to start a family with Jodi.

When Jodi returns home from Costa Rica, she & Victor maintain a long-distance relationship.  Jodi says Victor is too possessive so she breaks up with him.


September, 1997

While waiting tables at her parents’ restaurant, Jodi claims she often sees a “man in his 60s or 70s” who carries a heavily-annotated pocket Bible and frequently quotes scripture.  According to Jodi Arias – this man frequently tells her that “he has done the math in the Bible,” and the Second Coming will occur on September 23rd, 1997.

Jodi claims at the time, she is naive and fully believes.  Because Bobby is “uncertain about his spirituality“, Jodi (who identifies herself as a non-denominational Christian) thinks it important Bobby hear this information about the 2nd Coming, so he can make a decision for himself.  Together again, as the Second Coming draws nigh, Jodi and Bobby rekindle their romance and begin dating anew.


April, 1998

Not for the first time, Jodi’s father Bill catches his 11th grade daughter ditching school, and he grounds her.

Jodi (now 17) reacts by leaving home, dropping out of high school, and moving in with her now 20-year-old boyfriend Bobby Juarez.

Still unemployed, Bobby Juarez is now living in Oregon with his new roommate Matt McCartney.  When Jodi moves in, she provides financial support for the three of them by working as a waitress at Denny’s.


August, 1998:

According to Jodi Arias, she sneaks into Bobby’s email account and discovers Bobby is exchanging love letters with another woman. Jodi breaks up with Bobby.


Bachelor #2; enter Matt McCartney

January, 1999:

Jodi starts dating Bobby’s roommate Matt McCartney. .

January, 2000:

Jodi & Matt McCartney move to Yreka, and get a 1-bedroom apartment, just the two of them.


July 9th, 2001:

Jodi celebrates her 21st birthday.

August, 2001:

Jodi claims that while she is working at Applebee’s in Yreka, two women who are customers tell Jodi that her boyfriend Matt McCartney is secretly romancing another woman named Bianca.

Jodi Map3

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When her shift is over, Jodi makes the 70-mile drive north to Bianca’s dormitory in Crater Lake, Oregon.

On her arrival at the dorm, Jodi asks a mutual friend – Steve – for Bianca’s room number. According to Arias, Steve appears “frantic” and intentionally gives Jodi the wrong number. Jodi figures out the correct room number and knocks on the door.

Bianca answers the door, talks with Jodi, and confirms Bianca and Matt are indeed having a relationship.

Instead of driving all the way home – Jodi spends the night with a nearby friend named Eddie Lee.

Athough they’re no longer a “couple”, Jodi and Matt McCartney remain friends with benefits.


Early 2002:

Jodi and Matt both make their way south seeking work in central California’s lucrative tourist industry.

At the Ventana Inn & Spa in Big Sur, California – Jodi is interviewed by Darryl Brewer.  The food and beverage manager is impressed by the young woman, and he hires Jodi immediately.

According to Jodi Arias, Matt gets hired a few days later.

Like most employees at the Ventana – Jodi and Matt live in tents on designated campsites owned & operated by the resort.  Jodi and Matt continue a no-strings relationship as “friends with benefits“.


Bachelor #3; enter Darryl Brewer

Late 2002:

Jodi begins dating her manager Darryl Brewer.  Accordingly, Darryl Brewer says this is the time when he decides “to step out of [his] management position”, and the 42-year-old divorcee takes a position as Event Coordinator (no longer Jodi’s supervisor).

At this time, Brewer’s son Jack is 3 years old.


January, 2003:

After attending a San Francisco 49er’s game, Darryl Brewer and Jodi spend the night together.  The two fall in love, taking their relationship to a more serious level. Brewer describes Jodi’s sexual appetite as “aggressive and enthusiastic”. Brewer says they’re both very comfortable with their intimacy. On the witness stand, Brewer recalls they had anal sex at least once, but cannot recall whether or not they did it more than once.


Issued June 19, 2004

Issued June 19, 2004 – Jodi is 23 years old, living in
Big Sur with her boyfriend Darryl Brewer.

Jodi Moves To Palm Desert, California

May, 2005

Together with her boyfriend Darryl, Jodi buys a house in Palm Desert, California (about 100 miles east of LA). The two agree to split all the costs 50/50.

At the time they purchase the house -Brewer is living off his savings and seeking employment.  Jodi works at California Pizza Kitchen.


video icon6

Jodi’s parents Bill and Sandy ask if they can make the trip down and visit, see Jodi’s new home. Her father Bill Arias recalls Jodi as saying, “Where you going to stay?  I don’t want you staying here, snooping through our stuff…


February, 2006:

video icon6Jodi begins work with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (now LegalShield).

Her boss is a man named Dr. David Hughes.


April, 2006:

Darryl Brewer notices changes in Jodi’s behavior.  He says she seems like a different person..

May, 2006:

Jodi gets breast augmentation in La Jolla, California..

June, 2006:

“Taking her spirituality more seriously” (as Darryl Brewer puts it), Jodi converts to Mormonism. Mormon men begin showing up for weekly Bible study. Jodi abstains from sex, and insists Darryl Brewer stop using profanity. Jodi & Brewer no longer sleep together, and their relationship fizzles to an end..

August, 2006:

Even though she’s still working with Pre-Paid Legal, Jodi stops paying her share of the household bills.


Enter Travis Alexander

Jodi and Travis first meet in Las Vegas, Nevada

Jodi and Travis first meet in Las Vegas, Nevada

September, 2006:

Jodi attends a Prepaid Legal work conference at Las Vegas, Nevada‘s MGM Grand.

It’s a professional event, but the general mood is festive; lively people having fun. During a break, Jodi steps outside the main entrance of Rainforest Café.

In the distance, she sees her supervisor Dr. David Hughes call out to another man, “Hey Travis! There’s someone I want you to meet..!”

She notices her boss is pointing at her!  Travis Alexander walks right up to Jodi, extends his hand and introduces himself. There’s immediate chemistry and throughout the next 48 hours, the two spend most of their free time together. Travis is smitten with the 26-year-old beauty, and he is also interested in converting Jodi to the Mormon faith.

As the Prepaid Legal work conference comes to an end, the attractive young professionals exchange contact information and promise to stay in touch.

video icon6

With Jodi living in Palm Desert, California – and Travis living nearly 300 miles away in Mesa, Arizona – the two begin long-distance dating via email and phone.  They meet each other in various locations between and around their separate home locations.



October 1st, 2006

video icon6After seeing Jodi’s MySpace page which involves witchcraft, Travis’ friend Jacob Mefford gets a bad feeling and warns Travis that Jodi is really creepy, and to stay away from Jodi.




Jodi bought this book as a guide for fun places where the two could meet.

Travis bought this book as a guide for fun places where the two could meet.

October 15th, 2006

Travis purchases the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. Using this book as a guide, the young couple spend the next few months traveling to, or meeting up at, various romantic vacation spots; including such places as Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Albuquerque Balloon Races, Carlsbad Canyon, and Disneyland.


November 1, 2006

In Palm Desert, California – Jodi Arias stops paying her share of the mortgage.


Jodi's Mormon Baptism

Jodi’s Mormon Baptism

November 26, 2006

Jodi Arias is baptized into the Latter-day Saint faith by Travis Alexander. According to Jodi after the baptism ceremony, she and Travis go back to his house and have anal sex. Although she has testified to practicing anal sex on past occasions with different men – in this case, Jodi testifies that she doesn’t especially enjoy anal sex, but wants to please Travis.


When out with Travis’ friends, Jodi’s public displays of affection are becoming more & more inappropriate.  Some friends feel awkward & uncomfortable.  Jodi kisses his neck, licks his ear, massages his back, and generally hangs all over Travis.


December, 2006

Jodi’s former boyfriend Darryl Brewer moves back to Monterey, California and Jodi continues to live in the Palm Desert house (even though she is not paying mortgage or monthly bills).  Brewer & Jodi remain friends, mostly over the phone and email.


During this time, Jodi begins briefly dating Abe Abdelhadi. She and Abdelhadi have seen each other at work functions, and had lunch together.  Now in December, they have dinner in Pasadena, walk around some, and go to Barnes & Noble.


Most of Travis’ friends agree Jodi is bad news.  Not only how she acts with Travis, but also how she is secretive and unsociable with the women, and flirts provocatively with the men (many of whom are married).

Not surprisingly there is a common sense of disdain against Jodi – especially among the women.


February, 2007

Travis and Jodi begin to date exclusively, and they begin having sex.


March, 2007

Arias and Alexander visit several states together, including New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

(This is according to Jodi Arias.)  On one of their many getaways, they rent a car. When she gets behind the wheel, Travis starts ribbing her because Jodi has positioned the rear-view mirror so that she has a clear view of herself (as opposed to the traffic behind them).

Travis sees Jodi as a great girl, but she’s a little more possessive than Travis likes, and she’s not always completely honest.  But the sex is wild and insane and incredible.


One weekend, Travis’ good friends Chris and Sky Hughes invite Travis and Jodi to spend the weekend at their home in Murietta, California.

After spending some time with Jodi – Chris’ wife Sky Hughes gets bad vibes about her.

Later that night, after Jodi has gone to bed, Chris & Sky take their friend Travis aside, and tell him to be very careful around Jodi.  Their share their worries with Travis, and to their surprise, suddenly discover Jodi is standing right outside the door listening in on their conversation.  Jodi’s pissed and everyone’s awkward.  Chris describes her face as looking like the devil. Way Spooky.

After that uncomfortable experience, Chris Hughes tells Travis that Jodi is no longer welcome in his home.  Chris & Sky both encourage Travis to distance himself from Jodi.


April, 2007

video icon6Travis’ friends say Jodi keeps trying to isolate Travis from his usual groups of friends.


May, 2007

One weekend friends Jacob and Holly Mefford are visiting the home of Chris and Sky Hughes in Murietta, California.  Suddenly and without knocking, Jodi walks into the house unannounced.

video icon6Jodi asks Sky Hughes why she and all the women hate Jodi.  In no uncertain terms – a furious Sky Hughes gives Jodi a comprehensive list outlining why they do not like her.  Sky adds that Jodi is not welcome in her home, and that Jodi is to “LEAVE NOW” and do not come back!

An hour later while Hollie Mefford is making macaroni & cheese, Jodi walks into the kitchen, sits down at the dining room table, and stares at Hollie for 15 minutes.


Jodi Stalks Travis

June 29th, 2007:

While Travis is in the shower, Jodi surreptitiously goes into his cellphone, spying for text messages from other women.

After all the other problems with Jodi, her cellphone spying is the last straw, and Travis Alexander breaks off the relationship.  He tells Jodi they should both start seeing other people.

Approaching his 30th birthday, Travis makes it common knowledge among friends and family (as well as Jodi) that he is focusing his sights on finding a more traditional mormon wife.

Alexander’s friend Dave Hall remembers Travis saying, “There’s nothing about her that I see in marriage material — or wife material.


July 9th, 2007:

Shortly after Travis tries to end their relationship – Jodi Arias abandons her home in Palm Desert, California – and relocates to Mesa, Arizona – about four miles from Travis’ home. Once settled in, Jodi tries to get work waiting tables and modeling.

Despite no longer being exclusive, Travis accepts Jodi’s recurring offers of no-strings sex, and the two slip into the discreet (“secret”) role of “friends with benefits“.

Mid July, 2007

Travis goes out to his car one morning to find all four tires have been slashed. Some of Travis’ friends suspect Jodi, and many agree she is stalking Travis. The fact Travis & Jodi sometimes have consensual sex only complicates issues. Jodi repeatedly enters Travis’ home unannounced, without his knowledge (sometimes by crawling in through the doggie door).


Lisa Andrews Diadoni

Lisa Andrews Diadoni

July 20, 2007:

29-year-old Travis Alexander begins dating 18-year-old Lisa Andrews. They date on & off through February, 2008.

The young singles seem to be on different frequencies.

Travis wants to marry, but Lisa’s not ready yet.

Travis has been thinking of sex since the moment they started dating; and she tells him he needs to be patient, and he’ll get his turn someday.

Their make-out sessions last longer than they should, inciting their passions.  Lisa accepts her responsibility, but says they must behave more responsibly.


In an email to Travis – Lisa says he wants her just for her body.  Her kisses mean nothing. She feels it’s a way for him to let out the sexual tension he has so much of.  It makes Lisa feel used & dirty.

Although frustrated by his physically feelings, Travis acknowledges Lisa’s comments, telling her he will respect her wishes.  In the following week, Lisa sees genuine and positive change in how Travis treats her.

Lisa says Travis is never abusive nor aggressive with her, nor disrespectful in any way.


Travis is more easy going, but he does have a few words he dislikes. Per Travis’ request, Lisa refrains from using the words ‘poop’ or ‘crap’ or ‘fart‘.”


July 23, 2007

Travis is away on a business trip with Pre-Paid Legal.  With his roommates both out, Travis asks former girlfriend Deanna Reid to go to his house (about an hour’s drive) and check in on Napoleon the dog.

Deanna pulls into Travis’ otherwise vacant drive-way.

She walks in and immediately smells fresh-baked cookies.  Bewildered, Deanna sees Jodi, sitting on the couch with Travis’ laptop. Getting up from the couch, Jodi carries a tray of cooling cookies to Deanna and invites her to have one.


July 25th, 2007

After his date with Lisa, Travis successfully suppresses his sexual urges, drives the young lady home and kisses her goodnight.  She is beautiful and sweet.  She smells wonderful.  Travis is so aroused he can barely see straight.

Returning home at about 10:00 pm, Travis retires to his master suite.  When he opens his closet, he is surprised to find Jodi inside.

Travis is perplexed & angry by this invasion of his privacy. What if his roommates had been home?

Before he can say anything, Jodi crouches in front of Travis, being careful not to kneel on his toes. Without saying a word, Jodi ingratiates herself, and Travis invites her to stay the night.

When interviewed later, Travis’ friend Taylor Searle explains –

“Jodi…represented the decision of going after someone he’s physically attracted to, whereas some other girls represented settling down and having a nice, stereotypical mormon relationship.  And I knew he always struggled with that fork in the road of ‘Should I date Jodi, or should I date these other girls?”



August, 2007

Sitting on his couch in the living room of his Mesa, Arizona home – Travis Alexander is making out with his girlfriend Lisa Andrews.  Lisa takes off her bra, and things are heating up like mexican salsa.

The two become happily lost in each other’s wild passions, driven to distraction in sensual, rhythmic harmony.  Staring intently into his eyes, Lisa is electric.   He inhales Lisa’s perfume, and exhales a sigh of bliss.

The night is fantastic! The young mormons both see hope. The two see their spiritual potential, both now and in their future. They see Jodi standing in his back yard, staring at them through the window.  Lisa screams “SHIT!” and puts her bra back on.

Jodi runs back to her car, and drives off.


A few days later, one of Travis’ former roommates John Pepworth tells Lisa Andrews that Travis is cheating on her with Jodi. As a result, Andrews and Travis temporarily break up.


August 2nd, 2007 – 8:AM

Jodi makes the following journal entry:

I love him, though I could not possibly love him not, though I wish I could stop. Turn it off like a light switch. Duct tape it down so it can’t turn back on. Or better yet, just cut the circuit. Cut off its life source. Make it dead in a second. Lifeless. A meaningless network of wires that do and mean nothing…”


August 4th, 2007

One night, while Travis is standing with Lisa Andrews in her kitchen, Jodi walks into Lisa’s house unannounced without knocking.  When Jodi sees Travis and Lisa in the kitchen, Jodi turns heel and runs out the door.


September, 2007

The Palm Desert house (once owned by Jodi and Darryl Brewer) goes into foreclosure.


December 2007

In Mesa, Arizona – Travis Alexander’s tires are slashed.  Travis gets new tires, which also get slashed.  Travis jokes that either there are more pot holes in Mesa or he’s being stalked.


December 25th, 2007

Travis visits his brother Steven and his family Christmas Day. Steven hands his little infant daughter to Travis, so he can hold his baby niece for the very first time. With hope in his eyes, Travis tells his brother, “She’s the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen…

Hugged, kissed and loved by family, Travis returns to his home in Mesa. Travis unlocks the front door, walks in and is surprised to find Jodi under his Christmas tree. This time, Travis tells Jodi she needs to leave.


While out on a date, Travis & Lisa Andrews notice Jodi is following them. In the next two days, Lisa receives threatening email and text messages.

“…there has been nothing noteworthy to report.”


January 22, 2008

According to Jodi Arias’ sworn testimony, this was the date (Jan 22, 2008) when Arias claims to have seen Travis Alexander masturbating to a photo of a little boy. Arias further testifies that (on this date, January 22, 2008) Travis kicks Jodi, breaking her finger.

However two days later…

January 24, 2008

On this date, Arias writes in her journal, “I haven’t written because there has been nothing noteworthy to report,” and she had turned down four offers for a date.



February 11th, 2008

After visiting with Travis at his home, Lisa Andrews returns to her car, disappointed when she sees her tires are all slashed.


February, 2008

Travis Alexander and Lisa Andrews break up permanently as romantic partners, but remain good friends.


February 29, 2008

Marie “Mimi” Hall says she & Travis start dating very briefly.

One night, Jodi is spying on Travis and sees him leave his house to go on a date with Marie “Mimi” Hall. When Jodi is certain the roommates are gone, she enters Travis’ home, by crawling in through the doggy door.

When Travis returns home from his date with Marie, he finds Jodi sleeping on his couch.  Once again – Travis weakens, they have sex, and Jodi spends the night in his bed. The next morning, Jodi promises this will be their little secret.

Later in her sworn testimony – Marie Hall says Travis was very “sweet and respectful”, a “very nice” guy, but Hall never felt a romantic chemistry.  The two remained friends until Travis’ death.


March, 2008

One night while Travis and Lisa Andrews are making out, Jodi stands outside Travis’ window staring at them.



Enter Ryan Burns


April, 2008

While Travis and Jodi are both attending a Pre-Paid Legal convention in Oklahoma – Jodi meets associate

Ryan Burns for the first time. Ryan is a handsome, young, successful Mormon who lives in West Jordan, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City).

Jodi is smitten. Smiling, she tells Burns, “If you ever need assistance from out in California – you’re welcome to call me!” For whatever reason, Ryan doesn’t call Jodi.

Back in Palm Desert, Jodi calls a mutual friend in Utah – Zion Lovingier.  She asks Zion – as a favor – next time he sees Ryan Burns, could he please put in a good word for her?

April 13th, 2008

Scheduled to speak in Phoenix, Travis goes out to his car to find – yet again all four tires slashed.  Though she denies any involvement, at this same time – Jodi video icon6tells Travis she is going to kill herself.

Worried Jodi is serious, Travis cancels his speaking engagement.



April 16th, 2008

Travis Alexander writes the following blog post:

This Year will be the Best year of my life. This is the year that will eclipse all others. I will earn more, learn more, travel more, serve more, love more, give more and be more than all the other years of my life combined. True other years now past have been at times magnificent but none like this. This is a year of metamorphosis, of growth and accomplishment that at previous was unimaginable. A year where the impossible become common place, and the unachievable become effortlessly achieved. Where I raise myself to heights only visited by the great men and women of this world and by so doing this year will be the best year of my life.”


April 20th, 2008

video icon6Early morning about 3:00 am – sound asleep, alone in his bed, Travis is awakened by the sound of the vacuum cleaner.  He gets up and walks downstairs to find Jodi vacuuming his carpet.


April 24, 2008

Arias moves out of her residence in Mesa, Arizona.   Returning to Yreka, California (over a thousand miles away) Jodi moves in with her grandparents. Travis helps Jodi pay for her move.  He is extremely happy to be rid of Jodi.


May 2, 2008

800 miles east of Yreka, two friends are playing pool somewhere in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jodi Map3

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Zion Lovingier and Ryan Burns have spent the past two days preparing for tomorrow’s business conference thrown by Pre-Paid Legal.

Lovinger says to his friend, “O – so…. do you know a woman out in California named Jodi Arias?”

“Yeah,” Ryan brightens. “I met her few weeks ago at a convention. She’s beautiful!”

As the two men play pool – Zion encourages his friend to call Jodi. According to Ryan Burns, “Zion, maybe played match-maker a little bit and… we talked about it, and then I ended up giving [Jodi] a call… that night…”

8:15 pm

Jodi answers her cellphone.

“Jodi, Hi this is Ryan Burns,” he says. “We met at the convention last month in Oklahoma. Do you remember me?”

“Yes!” Jodi beams. “I was just thinking about you…”

For the next 45 minutes, Ryan & Jodi have a pleasant conversation. A romance begins to spark, as the two begin calling each other 3 – 5 times a week, usually 10 or 11 at night, at the end of their day.

Throughout this time, when she is around Travis & his circle of friends – Jodi’s mood swings become increasingly volatile.  

She follows Travis when he goes on dates, calling and texting him while out with his date. 

While he may have had doubts before, Travis is now thinking it was Jodi who slashed his tires.

Early May, 2008

Jodi has phone sex with Travis which (unbeknownst to Travis) she is secretly recording. The two are talking dirty, and at one point, Travis says that when Jodi moans, she sounds like a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. Jodi asks Travis to repeat himself. She giggles & says, “That’s debasing; I like it.” Jodi then does her very best to sound like a 12-year old girl.

 R.I.P. Travis Alexander

Travis FINALLY cuts ties with Jodi completely, and wants nothing to do with her.  No sex; nothing.

Editor’s Note:  I think Jodi is using this sex recording to blackmail Travis.  If Jodi sends this file to Travis’ peers from Church, it will be devastating for Travis in terms of business, spirituality, social & personal – all levels.  


Jodi sends increasingly hateful text messages to any of the women Travis talks to or dates.  In her text messages, Jodi calls them whores, and says they don’t deserve Travis.

R.I.P. Travis Alexander

R.I.P. Travis Alexander

May 19, 2008

In an instant message conversation – Travis tells his friend Regan Housley that he is “extremely afraid” of Jodi because of her stalking behavior.

Meanwhile, Jodi and Ryan Burns have phone sex, and their emails become more sexual in nature.


May 26th, 2008:

……..In a series of text messages, Travis Alexander finally says to Jodi,

……..“I am nothing more than a dildo with a heart beat… You are a Sociopath…

……..You are the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

6:00 pm

Jodi calls former boyfriend Matt McCartney in Monterey.  She’ll be in town this Monday night.  Is it OK if she spends the night as his place?

“Sure!” Matt says.

“I’ll call you when I get there,” Jodi says.


10:30 pm

During one of their late night phone calls, Jodi tells Ryan Burns she wants to come meet him in person.

video icon6Ryan Burns sends Jodi his home address in West Jordan, Utah – and directions on how to get there. She tells Ryan she’s going on a long road trip down to LA to visit a friend who’s recently had a baby. Jodi then will take the I-15 north, to Utah.  Arias should arrive at Ryan’s home on Wednesday, June 4th around Noon time.


May 28, 2008:

Arias repeatedly calls ex-boyfriend Darryl Brewer, trying to borrow his two 5-gallon gas cans. “What do you need them for?” Brewer asks. Jodi gets agitated, and refuses to answer Brewer’s question.



Preparation For Murder

The Yreka home of Jodi's grandparents. Jodi lived in a room here when she returned from Mesa, Arizona.

The Yreka home of Jodi’s grandparents. Jodi lived in a room here when she returned from Mesa, Arizona.

May 28, 2008 / Wednesday:

“A burglary” occurs at the residence of Arias’ grandparents, with whom Jodi is now living in Yreka, California.  

Items stolen include a .25-caliber semi-automatic Colt pistol, as well as some money, a portable stereo, and two other objects.  A total of four items are taken; one item from each of four rooms.

Although nothing is proven – many suspect it was Jodi who stole these items, and this is most likely the same .25 calibre semi-automatic colt pistol she later used to shoot Travis Alexander in the head.  


May 30, 2008:

Just after midnight, at 12:21 am, Jodi sends her first Gmail Chat Message to Ryan Burns.  

Jodi’s message reads, “Hey there, handsome. This is a test.


June 1, 2008 / Sunday:

When she rented the Ford Focus, Jodi was a blonde.

When she rented the Ford Focus, Jodi was a blonde.

Again Jodi calls ex-boyfriend Darryl Brewer in Monterey.  Again Brewer asks her why she needs these gas cans.  This time, Jodi tells Darryl she’s going on a long road trip.

Brewer tells Jodi she can borrow his two gas cans.

Jodi tells Brewer, “I’ll be at your place tomorrow or Tuesday“.


A thousand miles away, Travis Alexander tells friends he suspects Jodi Arias has hacked into his Facebook and bank accounts. He texts Jodi to stay out of his life forever.


10:30 pm

Jodi is exchanging text messages with Ryan Burns, when she spins her own version about an incident in which she intercepted a text message on Travis’ cellphone from a woman, addressed to Travis.  She replied to the text message, impersonating Travis telling the woman.

Jodi exact texts to Ryan Burns:

the whole time we were seeing each other after we “broke up” he had another girlfriend. 

I had no idea. He didn’t tell me about her until after they broke up.

but I felt so bad. this time, I was the other girl.

I wanted to tell her, but that would have just caused a lot of unnecessary drama.

Anyway, since she asked what time it was I decided to text her back, “It’s time to cuddle with Jodi. Good night.”


June 2, 2008 / Monday:

1:am – 4:am

Seven calls between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander.

Editor’s note:  We don’t know what was said during these phone calls.  For example, did Travis invite Jodi?  Or did he say, “Stop calling me.  Stay away.”


Budget Rent-A-Car Agent Raphael Colombo

Raphael Colombo

8:15 am

In Redding, California (about 90 miles south of her home in Yreka) Jodi rents a white Ford Focus.

The rental agent,

Raphael Colombo later recalls Jodi being with a man.  He is certain Jodi’s hair is blonde.  She is “very pleasant”, had called in to reserve the car.

Jodi refuses a red car, telling Colombo she wants a lighter car so as not to draw attention to herself.  When he asks how far she’ll be driving, Jodi says “Just local; around town“.

Jodi drives south…

video icon6


7:30 pm

In Lodi, California – Jodi stops at a McDonalds and gets an order of fries and a bottled water.  She calls her former boyfriend Matt McCartney in Monterey, saying she’ll be at his place later that night.


10:00 pm

Jodi arrives in Monterey and spends the night with Matt McCartney.


June 3rd, 2008 / Tuesday:

7:40 am

Jodi leaves Matt McCartney’s home, and drives to the home of another x-boyfriend Darryl Brewer, who lives in Pacific Grove, California (on the outskirts of Monterey).

During this morning’s visit, Brewer loans Jodi the two 5-gallon gas cans for her “long road trip“.

She tells Brewer that while she’s in L.A., she will be visiting his sister Laura Mahoney who’s just recently given birth.

Jodi and Darryl Brewer have breakfast together and Jodi uses Brewer’s computer to check her email and her MySpace account.

10:00 am

Jodi says goodbye to Brewer and she drives into downtown Monterey where she deposits $ 800.00 into three different bank accounts at Washington Mutual. Deposits are in the amounts of $ 400.00, $ 300.00, and $ 100.00.

Editor’s Note:   These are even dollar amounts, all in increments of $ 20.00.  I think Jodi got these “cash payments” from her boyfriends McCartney and Brewer; possibly in exchange for sex, possibly just thinking they were being “good guys”.


10:30 am

Somewhere between Monterey and Salinas – Jodi finds a public restroom, and changes her hair color..

12:25 pm and 1:40 pm

Jodi makes two calls to Travis Alexander.  She then drives to neighboring Salinas..

2:25 pm

Jodi parks at the Walmart in Salinas, and (while sitting in the rented Ford Focus) she takes a picture of herself showing she has dyed her hair dark brown / brunette.  She takes another picture of herself at 2:28 pm.  She then goes into Walmart to get some supplies.

3:22 pm

At Walmart in Salinas, Jodi purchases one “5-Gallon” gas can (add that to the other two she borrowed from Darryl Brewer, and she now has three empty gas cans).  She also buys sunblock and facial cleanser.

3:30 pm

Driving south, Jodi gets on the 101 Freeway, then Interstate 5, transfers to the 210 south, and gets to Pasadena by 8:35 pm.

8:35 pm

Jodi stops at a Starbucks in Pasadena, uses the restroom, and gets a strawberry frappuccino.


8:45 pm

While in Pasadena – Jodi stops at Walmart where she gasses up her rental car.  She also puts extra gas into the three gas cans.  Her receipt is time-stamped 8:42 pm.  She calls Travis who hangs up on her.  She calls him again and speaks for 10 minutes..

9:00 pm

Jodi uses her Helio cellphone to call new friend Ryan Burns.  She gives Ryan her itinerary, telling him she’ll be in Utah at his place tomorrow (Wednesday) between 12 noon and 1:pm (even though she will not be making this meeting).

video icon6

Burns tells her to be careful driving in the desert, throughout the night.  He tells Jodi to pull over and rest if necessary. On the phone, Jodi gives a kiss, bids Ryan goodnight, and ends the call.

She then unplugs the cellphone from the charging cable, she removes the battery, and puts everything in the glove compartment.

Jodi gets back on the road, connects to Interstate 10, and drives east toward Arizona/California Border…


Editor’s Note: Just like most states – California requires vehicles have license plates on both front and rear of vehicles.  However Arizona requires ONLY THE REAR LICENSE PLATE.  


This section contains explicit sex and violence.

June 4th, 2008 / Wednesday


1:00 am

When she crosses the border driving into Arizona, Jodi pulls into the Flying J Travel Plaza which is a full service truckstop located in Arizona, less than a mile from the border.

While at the Flying J truck stop, Jodi removes her front license plate and tosses it in the back seat.  She buys a bottled water, gets back in her car and continues east bound for Mesa.

Editor’s Note:  this “Flying J” visit is speculation on my part – but with good reason.

According to police timeline – Jodi arrived at Travis’ house just before 4:00 am, which means based on distance – we can infer Jodi passed through this point 3 hours earlier at 1:am. 

Consider too – it’s middle of the desert – pitch black of night, and this is the most visible place around guaranteed to have a restroom and coffee.  Speculating – I think it’s very likely she stopped here at 1:am.  

3:55 am

Arriving at Travis Alexander’s house, Jodi backs into the driveway.   Before going inside the house, she takes a screwdriver behind the car, removes the rear license plate, and reattaches it upside down.  She opens the trunk puts the screwdriver into her backpack along with the stolen pistol, and closes the truck with a thud.

At this point there are five things we know with certainty:

    • Jodi Arias arrives at Travis’ house at about 4:am.
    • She sleeps with Travis till 1:pm.
    • Jodi & Travis have consensual sex.
    • Travis takes a shower.
    • Jodi kills Travis.

4:00 am

Travis opens the front door, and raises a finger to his lips, shushing Jodi because it’s early, and his roommates Enrique Cortez and Zack Billings are still sleeping.

Unbeknownst to Travis – just by their mere presence in the house – his two roommates have bought Travis a “13 hour stay of execution“.  Jodi & Travis are both tired, so Travis takes her back to his bedroom where the two sleep until about 1:00 pm.


12:00 Noon

Jodi is sleeping with Travis in his bed. Meanwhile 600 miles north in Utah, Ryan Burns is sitting in his kitchen, expecting to see Jodi pull into his driveway any minute now. He’s looking forward to taking Jodi to the training seminar tonight at 7:pm.  Burns calls Jodi’s cellphone, which is turned off so his call goes directly to voicemail.


1:00 pm

At Travis’ home in Mesa, Arizona – Travis & Jodi awake and engage in sex play.  Roommate Zack Billings is still in the house, so for privacy, Travis shuts & locks his bedroom door.

Jodi’s cellphone is still turned off.  So when Ryan Burns calls her phone, once again – his call is sent directly to voicemail.  Hmm. Ryan thinks, I hope she’s OK…



1:45 pm

In Travis Alexander’s bedroom – he & Jodi are taking intimate pictures of each other in the nude. The pictures clearly indicate Travis and Jodi are both willing, consenting participants and very much “into it“.

Think Hustler magazine with poor lighting.


4:00 pm

Ryan Burns has still heard nothing from Jodi. Hundreds of miles of desert, it’s summer, she’s been up all night, he can’t get through to her, she hasn’t called. Ryan calls their mutual friend Leslie Udy, explains the situation and asks Udy if she can try to get a hold of Jodi….

Meanwhile inside Travis’ house – roommate Zack Billings leaves the house to go to work, and with that – Jodi and Travis are now completely alone in the house.


Dressed in a bath robe, Travis enters the bathroom, turns on the shower and waits for the water to get hot.

Jodi puts on a sweatshirt, blue yoga pants, and her sneakers. She runs downstairs, and makes sure all the roommates are gone.

She runs out to her rented Ford Focus and retrieves her backpack concealing the .25 caliber pistol she stole from her grandparents house.


In the upstairs bathroom, the water is now hot, Travis disrobes and steps into the hot water.

Back inside the house, Jodi locks all the doors and gets two large knives from the kitchen.

Before heading back upstairs, she secures the doggie gate at the foot of the stairs to block Napoleon the dog from coming to protect his master.

Once upstairs, Jodi goes into Travis’ closet, opens her backpack, takes out the .25 auto she stole from her grandparents house.

Next she takes the kitchen knife, and slides it through the waistband, the against the small of her back.

Looking up, she notices Travis’ brand new Sony camera on the top shelf.  Helping herself, she takes it down off the shelf, and becomes momentarily intrigued by the timer function.  It can be set to take two images two seconds apart.  Cool….



What follows is a scenario, based on prosecutor Juan Martinez’s closing statement.    

Taken at 5:29 pm, this image captures Travis Alexander in the last few seconds of his life.

Taken at 5:29:20 pm, this image captures
Travis Alexander in the last few seconds of his life.


5:22 pm

Jodi enters the bathroom. She starts taking a series of time-stamped pictures of Travis while he is taking a shower.

5:29 pm

Jodi tells Travis to sit down in the shower and look straight into the camera. He complies and she snaps his picture.   Adjusting her yoga pants, she feels the knife’s handle just above the small of her back.

I believe Travis is sitting down in both pictures, and the 2nd picture (of his butt & legs) was taken accidently.

These are the last pictures of Travis while he is still alive.

Travis, sitting in shower

Travis, sitting in shower; Timestamp 5:30:30

Jodi stands over him. They’re totally alone.

Confused, Travis smiles, “What…?

Jodi’s eyes brighten framing a cute, perky smile!  “OK now close your eyes and count to 10,” Jodi giggles.  “And don’t open them – promise!”

The superior vena seen in the upper left section of this diagram.

The superior vena seen in the upper left section of this diagram.

5:31 pm

As Travis closes his eyes, Jodi pulls the knife out of her belt.  She takes a deep breath, leans in close, and shoves the butcher knife 3½ inches deep into his chest, puncturing a dime-sized hole in his heart’s superior vena cava.  

Travis screams involuntarily while suddenly hemorrhaging from his fatal chest wound.

Without proper medical attention, Travis’ death is now imminent within minutes.  Whether or not Travis realizes this fact will remain conjecture.

Trembling in terror, he reaches up, trying to grab for the knife away from Jodi.

Fingers and hands entwine, Jodi inadvertently cuts into her own fingers, and she screams furiously!

Regaining hold of the knife – she thrusts the knife into the top of Travis’ thumb!

Jodi looks at the deep cuts to her own fingers, as Travis (coughing on his own blood) crawls out of the shower and stumbles to the bathroom mirror.

Leaning over the sink, Travis is coughing and streaming blood onto the counter and medicine cabinet.  As he looks in the mirror he can see Jodi – as if using an aerobic machine at the gym, she is pumping the knife fast, up & down into the top of his back, until the knife gets stuck.

Travis drops to his knees.

Bracing her foot against his left shoulder, Jodi pulls hard – until the knife comes loose out of his back.  Wheezing through a mist of blood, Travis stands, and Jodi stabs him once in the back of his neck, and again twice in the back of his head.

She thrusts the knife with so much force – that the blade gouges out small pieces of bone (or divots) from his skull.

What must Travis be thinking at this point?  Maybe – “Jodi’s lost her mind?  She doesn’t recognize me? Whatever she thinks – I’m ain’t sticking around to find out. I’ll get in the car, lock myself in, and drive to a hospital; maybe a fire station…”


left hand defensive woundPain searing through his body, Travis makes his way down the hallway, trying  to get to the perceived safety of the stairway.  But Jodi falls upon him like a swarm of angry hornets.

She taunts him, punches him, and kicks in his knees and ankles.  His back to the wall, Travis is crying frantically, begging for his life, and trying to defend himself en route to the stairs.

When Jodi goes for his face, Travis raises both hands to block, and Jodi thrusts the knife deep into the palm, near the thumb of his left hand.

Falling to the ground, Travis continues crawling toward the stairs, in an attempt to flee.

Naked, terrified, disoriented, and hemorrhaging fatally, Travis nears the stairway when he is kicked hard in the face. He collapses in a heap, and Jodi begins stomping on his head.

Kneeling on Travis’ back, she pins him down, grabs him by his eyes and nose, yanks his head back, and slits Travis’ throat from ear to ear.

Slicing the knife to his throat, Jodi begins repeatedly sawing back & forth, back & forth, back & forth.

She cuts through the cartilage, severs his windpipe, just below the voicebox, and saws almost to the spinal column, nearly decapitating Travis.

Now drowning on his own blood and fluids, Travis falls limp. Jodi drops the knife shaking her hands free of blood.

Travis has stopped moving.  When she’s certain he’s not getting up, Jodi begins dragging the limp body back toward the bathroom.  Her feet slush through an inch of water, blood and other fluids. According to prosecutor Juan Martinez, this is about the time (as she is dragging Travis down the hallway) when his heart stops pumping blood.

Travis Alexander is now dead.

Jodi drags the body into the bathroom, stops near the sink, and shoots Travis in the head through his right temple.

3 more minutes of work on Jodi’s part, and Travis is now in the fetal position, on the floor of the shower.


5:40 pm

A few moments to catch her breath, and Jodi begins to clean up the mess.  She deletes the incriminating pictures on the camera, and to better cover her tracks, Jodi drops the camera (smart card and all) into the house washing machine, tosses in a load of Travis’ clothes, adds some bleach, and does a load of “laundry”.  .

Jodi cleans the blood off her own clothes and body as best as she can. She treats the cuts on her fingers and covers them with adhesive bandages.

Jodi leaves Travis’ bedroom, locking the door behind her.

Jodi begins driving north on the next leg of her road trip – Salt Lake City, Utah to make her date with Ryan Burns.


6:15 pm

Not long after Jodi makes her getaway, Travis’ roommate Enrique Cortez comes home from work.  According to Cortez, “things look weird and out of place“.  The doggie gate is locked, blocking the staircase keeping Napoleon the dog downstairs.


7:00 pm

600 miles north, in the town of Sandy, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City) the Pre-Paid Legal Business Briefing is about to get started.  Ryan Burns, Leslie Udy and other associates are in attendance – but no Jodi Arias?


9:00 pm

In Mesa, Arizona at Travis’ house – roommate Zack Billings returns home from work, unaware Travis’ corpse is upstairs, in the bathroom shower.


9:30 pm

It’s been about four hours since Jodi butchered Travis in his bathroom.  Now she is heading north on Hwy 93.   In the black of night, somewhere near the Nevada border, Jodi throws the gun and two knives into the vast open desert.  As of May 31st, 2013 – the murder weapons have never been found.

Meanwhile about 400 miles north – the Prepaid Legal business briefing concludes in Sandy, Utah.  Just like they do every week, Ryan Burns, Leslie Udy and a bunch of co-workers go for drinks and appetizers at Cheesecake Factory in Murray, Utah.”


.I.P. Travis Alexander

10:30 pm

(This is according to Ryan Burns’ sworn testimony on the witness stand.)

At the Cheesecake Factory, Ryan’s cellphone rings. Caller ID show’s it’s Jodi Arias. Ryan looks at his friends and says, “Jodi Arias; I’ll be right back!”

Ryan steps outside. “Where are you?” he asks. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah – I’m fine,” Jodi says chuckling. “I am so unbelievably air-headed! I got on the wrong freeway, so I was headed in the wrong direction for hours! I got tired so – like a good girl – I pulled over, locked my doors and fell asleep, and – Oh my God! I can’t believe how long I slept!”

“Well I’m glad you’re OK,” Ryan says. “I couldn’t get through to your phone.”

“Yeah,” Jodi says. “I forgot to pack my charger before I left; my phone’s been dead all day! I just bought another one at a gas station a few miles back. I didn’t realize – oh nevermind…”

video icon6

Ryan’s concern starts to subside, “Well where are you right now, Jodi? You want me to come get you?”

“You know,” Jodi says casually, “I still don’t know for sure where I am exactly, but I’ll call you when I get close to West Jordan. I’ve got so much to tell you!”

The two talk for about half an hour longer.


11:00 pm

At a roadside rest stop somewhere in Nevada on Interstate 15, Jodi ends her call with Ryan Burns, and makes three brief phone calls, leaving messages on Travis Alexander’s voicemail.


Jodi’s Utah Alibi, Ryan Burns

June 5th, 2008 / Thursday

10:30 am

(This entry is based on Ryan Burns’ sworn testimony on the witness stand.)

Sitting in his kitchen in West Jordan, Utah – Ryan Burns smiles when Jodi finally pulls up in his driveway.  As he walks out to greet her, the two exchange hugs and Hellos.

video icon6

Pointing at the two small bandages on Jodi’s fingers Ryan winces, “Woah! What’d you, cut your fingers?”

“Oh; yeah…  Actually I tend bar at Margarittaville and a few days ago, I broke a glass…”  She points to the bandages, “I cut right along here, and again here.”

Ryan grimaces, “OUCH!”  He takes her hand and kisses the bandages.  “Listen I’ve got a sit-down with a client at 12:30.  You want to come with?”

“Of course,” Jodi tosses her hair. “Where is it?”

Jims Restaurant; it’s about a mile down the road,” Ryan says.

“Do I have time to change?”  Within 45 minutes, Jodi has showered, touched up her make-up, and changed into heels & professional clothes.


12:00 pm

Driving his own car, Ryan Burns pulls out of his driveway, with Jodi, in her rented Ford Focus, following behind.  The two begin their one-mile drive to Jim’s Restaurant.


12:03 pm

video icon6According to Ryan Burns, about 700 yards into their drive, Jodi is pulled over by West Jordan Police Officer Michael Galieti.

Seeing this in his rear view mirror, Ryan also pulls his car over and watches.  On separate occasions Ryan and Officer Galieti agree the front license plate of Jodi’s rental car is missing, and the reason Jodi was pulled over is because rear plate is upside-down. Police Officer Galieti lets Arias off with a warning, and Burns helps her re-install the license plates correctly, rightside up.


12:15 pm

Ryan and Jodi meet at Jim’s Restaurant with Ryan’s prospective client.  After they wrap up the meeting, Ryan and Jodi stay and talk. After some friendly back-&-forth, Ryan says to her, “So how did your license plates get all goofed up?”

Jodi shakes her head with a laugh, “I wondered what those kids were doing…”  The story she tells Ryan (& retold in subsequent testimony) is that when she had stopped at Starbucks in Pasadena the night before last, she returned to her rented Ford Focus, to see a gang of skateboard kids near the car, laughing.

Jodi says one of the kids had a screwdriver, and another dropped a “rectangular piece of metal” to the ground.  The gang took off on skateboards, and Jodi picked up the metal rectangular piece of metal.  This metal piece was face down, so Jodi had no idea it was her license plate, yet she puts in in the back of her car.  And since the car starts up ok, Jodi simply continued her drive north to Utah.


June 6th, 2008 / Friday

Leaving Salt Lake City, Utah – Jodi stops at a Shell Gas Station.


June 9th, 2008:

10:30 pm

Totally unaware of the heinous slaughter that occurred just five days prior – Travis’ roommate

Zack Billings and his video icon6fiancee are in the house watching a movie, when they hear a knock at the door.  Billings opens the door to three friends of Travis’ who tell Billings that Travis has missed several appointments, they’re worried about him, and ask Zack if they can please check in on him.

Travis’ door is locked so, looking through a box of extra keys, Zack Billings finally finds the key to Travis’ door.  Billings unlocks the door, goes in and discovers Travis Alexander’s corpse – slumped and rotting in his shower.  The entire bathroom and surrounding area are caked with blood splatter.

Frantic and miserable – Travis’ friend Marie Hall calls 9-1-1, and the investigation begins…


R.I.P. Travis Alexander.

As his friend Taylor Searle explains –

Jodi…represented the decision of going after someone he’s physically attracted to, whereas some other girls represented settling down and having a nice, stereotypical mormon relationship.  And I knew he always struggled with that fork in the road of ‘Should I date Jodi, or should I date these other girls?’

former boyfriend Matt McCartney in Monterey,




24 thoughts on “The Jodi Arias Timeline

  1. gil

    Your work is remarkable and is very much appreciated. I was wondering if I could share your website with some people who became interested in the case almost a year ago. That is, less than two months before the hung jury. Thank you in advance.


  2. Leanne

    Thank you; I learned a lot here. I don’t see a video for this part though: “Travis goes out to his car one morning to find all four tires have been slashed (watch video). “


  3. Phil

    Your story made me feel like I was right there as it was happening. I wish I was there so I could have done somthing to save sweet Travis.


      1. Brian Newberry Post author

        A thousand blessings. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 🙂

        R.I.P. Travis Alexander

        Pesky – if you’re a crime buff (like me) you might also check out a documentary I did about CASEY ANTHONY who – (despite being found “Not Guilty”) many people (me included) believe killed her little girl Caylee.

        If you’d like to see the documentary I edited – please click to

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  4. Sonia

    Wow. This is so well put together. Thank you for helping me finally understand who all the bachelors were. This timeline is incredibly helpful.


  5. gil

    Hi, Brian! You’ve done a terrific job! Very professional, precise evidence. And you have added a map, more pics and vids. I like them all, particularly the map where you show significant places to this case. I’m positive that it will certainly give those people who aren’t acquainted with the area, a very clear idea of the location. KUDOS! Thank you very much. Justice for Travis Alexander 2014!
    PS: BTW, do you know when Travis moved to Arizona?
    It seems to be an issue, now that a Mormon Bishop
    from Riverside, CA, will most likely be giving a
    deposition (State’s witness). TKS!


    1. Brian Newberry Post author

      Thanks Gil! You just made my day! I’m sorry I don’t know when Travis moved to Arizona.

      I’ll try to keep my ear to the ground, and let you know if I learn anything. 🙂

      You might also check out my documentary called The Death of Caylee Anthony.
      If interested – please point your browser to

      Thanks again amigo!



  6. gil

    “Jodi drags the body into the bathroom, stop near the sink, and shoots Travis in the head through his left temple.”

    Hi, Brian! First of all, I want to congratulate you for your documentary, “The Death of Caylee Anthony”. Seen it. You really did a great job! Kudos!

    While I was reading the sentence where you say, “Jodi drags the body into the bathroom…” and continued reading, I remembered that Travis Alexander was shot in the head through his right temple. Arias is left-handed, so she must have been in front of him when she shot Travis.

    What do you think? Maybe I have the fact wrong. Could you please look into this matter?

    Thank you in advance, Brian… Again, great job!


    1. Brian

      Thanks Gil, for the good words! You suggest Jodi “must have been in front of him when she shot Travis.”

      SURE! I don’t see why not. Travis was shot through his right temple? WOW! I didn’t recall that; I’m sure you’re correct about the right temple.

      I think it was Juan Martinez who suggested (only “suggested”) that Jodi shot Travis “AFTER” she dragged him FROM the top of the stairway, through the hallway, and back into the bathroom.

      According to Martinez, Jodi stops in front of the sink, fires one shot into his head, stuffs Travis into the shower, and begins cleaning up.

      But as I recall the prosecution admitted they had some questions about the exact sequence of events. So your thinking sounds viable to me homie! 🙂

      Gil – thanks for following this! Thanks too for your way cool comments about the Caylee Anthony video.

      Take care man!


  7. blckchsm

    I just came across the case as a friend pointed out her supposed marraige in a tabloid while at the grocery store. I love true crime and had to dive into this case. I appreciate your timeline as it offers a detailed view of absolutely everything leading up to the events we all know. I only wish you would conclude with Jodi, specifically her a couple days after the murder being questioned by police as it feels like this ends rather abruptly. I have read in her journal that she was with some of Travis’ friends after his death, and was contacted by one letting her know of ‘his passing’. If true, then I question how much she was despised by them and even by Travis, as he kept taking that sweet, sweet stalker sex bait well after she exhibited extremely disturbing behavior. It must have been otherworldy sex for an inexperienced Mormon man. Anyway, hank you for your dillegence. This is a thourough portrait of a psychotic murderer that offers so much, even if it is not 100% accurate. I shudder at that picture of their meeting at the Rainforest Cafe in Las Vegas; both of them so happy looking. Seeing that photo, I wish I was talking directly to him to let him know, this beautiful woman next to you will take your life– if only he could have that information. He fucked the Devil encarnate, and so rarely in female form.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brian Newberry Post author

      THANK YOU a lovely & thoughtful feedback you write. Sorry I only just now saw this.
      I fully agree. I did end this “abruptly”.

      I also like & agree with your thoughts about wishing you were talking directly to him. Even though I’m not Mormon, it wasn’t THAT long ago I was 30.

      I cannot speak for women, but as for men – we make unusually stupid mistakes when thinking south of the belt buckle.

      Thinking of Travis – I always think “There but for the grace of God go i.”

      On a lighter note – my audio dramas (seen above in the toolbar) are based on classic TV cop shows – and the heroes always win! 🙂

      BLESSINGS! and thanks again for your well-written feedback. 🙂


  8. Brian Newberry Post author

    blckchsm – THANK YOU so much for your insightful comments. Similar to your comment about wishing you could speak to him through the picture at Rainforest Cafe – I have often thought, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” I’m not mormon, but it wasn’t THAT long ago when I was 29, and as a regular guy, I know 1st hand (as it were) those hormones can make us do some goofy shit! Like “fucking the Devil encarnate” (like your phrasing!)

    Anyway, thanks again for your comment. Blessings! R.I.P. Travis Alexander



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