Cabin Fever At The Social Network

Let me say first off – that I LOVE FACEBOOK!  Mark Zuckerberg did a good thing in using the internet to bring people together.  Good for Zuckerberg; good for us all!

After three years of membership, I have decided to take an indefinite break.

When I’m with friends, I have always preferred one-on-one, or maybe no more than a coffeeshop corner booth – say 4 other friends max.

Facebook feels like I’m at a crowded shopping mall – and everyone in the mall are all friends of mine.

Facebook is giving me cabin fever.

There’s more to it that that.

Even though facebook’s intent (bringing people together) is clearly and undeniably good – it’s artificial.  We will evolve along with it.  But what will that evolution look like?  How will facebook affect the way we relate to each other?

The map is not the terrain. 

If a man’s cells are cloned, the resulting clone is slightly weaker than his original donor in most ways (immune system, physical stamina, intelligence, etc).  Just like a xerox copy will never be exactly as good as the original.

I think facebook has a similar effect on people and how they interact with each other.

People are in different time-zones; they breathe & move about in different ecospheres, different cultures, different continents.

To cram together so many distant people into such close intellectual proximity – and on a constant, 24/7 basis…  It feels unsound.  Like we’re tinkering with something we ought not to.

There’s some sort of shift in the dynamic; hard to pinpoint.

Though rooted in decency, facebook creates an electronic connectedness that may have unseen and unhealthy side effects.

And who knows?  I may come right back to facebook in just a few days.  It’s where all my friends are, afterall.  What’s not to like…?


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