My Trip to Indio

Walking west on Saturnino as I approached the bus stop, I could see my desired bus – the 111 – approaching from the north.  This is perfect because the bus usually has a layover at this point, meaning I’d not need to run; it would be on it’s layover as I crossed the street.

Friendly bus driver as I boarded, who (using his hand) stopped my three bills as I loaded them into the machine.  Instantly I understood, as he smiled at me saying, “No; only one bill at a time my friend.  Otherwise, you’ll lose your money.”
“Hey, thanks for checking me!” I said.
People will usually opt for an empty seat when boarding & I am no exception.  In this way, with a person in each pair of seats, the bus had nearly filled up.  At the back rear corner, I spotted an empty seat with a little elbow room for my backpack and generally some room to relax during my 90-minute ride.
As I stepped toward the rear bench of the bus, I exchanged a goodmorning nod with my “benchmate” on the opposite side who was checking his phone.
Strapped to my backpack are two wristwatches.  The traditional analog watch on a brown leather band was given to me as a gift from my dad and his wife.  I also carry a black digital watch presented to me by my nieces.
I donned the digital, took a small sip of water, and settled in for  a long, though ultimately pleasant bus ride.
New discoveries:
Rancho Mirage Animal Hospital is about a half hour out, just before a Mazarati dealership.
In Palm Desert – “One Quail Place” condominium complex is across from [newly-discovered] Trader Joe’s.

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