“Prometheus”, review


Mediocre.  You should see this movie for the exciting monsters (they’re scary; no one can deny them that), but don’t expect a cohesive or believable story.

This film lacks the pulse-pounding grit and icy, bleak terror of its 1979 “sequel” ALIEN.

Even though everyone’s ACTING is good, the STORY & editing left me boggled, and wondering whether or not crewmembers knew each other, and who was on which side of the good guys / bad guys balance.

As good as Charlize Theron is – there’s really no need for her character in the film.  They could easily have removed her character and there would be very few changes needed.

Characters in this film behave irrationally (I kept thinking, “why would he do that?”)

Most of the surprises were foreseeable, and the ending (which I’ll not spoil) made no sense to me. Again – WHY are they doing this??

Finally – even though PROMETHEUS is supposed to be a “prequel”, there’s nearly no connection to (nor mention of) the original ALIEN.

Except for a familiar spaceship and a severed robot head – references to the 1979 film are frustratingly scarce.   No mention of the USS Nostromo, nor the distress signal intercepted by its ill-fated crew (Sigorney Weaver, Tom Skerrit, et al).  That’s the single most significant connection between the two films, so I naively thought someone might say a few words about it.  Not.

Where sci-fi prequels are concerned – I’m spoiled by THE THING (2011), which was so good, it has forever set the standard by which movie prequels will be measured.  And by this measure, PROMETHEUS falls short.

There is some good news.  PROMETHEUS’ visual effects are jaw-droppingly good. At this level, the film is truly a feast for the senses!

Also the camera & [director of] photography made me glad I saw this film on the big screen.

The aliens are as real as it gets! Organic, breathing, salivating, life-like, and absolutely terrifying!!  The alien attack scenes were good, what few there were of them.

Regrettably, many of the film’s most important elements seemed thrown in as an “Oh yeah…!” afterthought.

Overall I’m mostly glad I saw the film, and I would even (weakly) recommend people go & see it. I just wish Prometheus had been as good as it SHOULD have been / COULD have been.

On a scale of one to ten:  Since it’s Ridley Scott, I’ll be generous, and give the film a “7” (mostly for the visual effects wizardry).


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