Recycling Coffee Filters

Basket-Shaped Coffee Filters

Each paper coffee filter lasts (on average) about a month. Generally, there are two types of filter:  “basket-shaped” and “cone-shaped”. This method of recycling requires basket-shaped filters, but don’t worry; basket-shaped filters are dual-compatible with both types of coffee machine.


Cone-shaped filters (stitched at the bottom) tend to rip, and will tear very easily.

However with a bit of care, basket-shaped filters can be re-used many times.


With a little practice, this process takes about 5 minutes.

  1. Dump out the old coffee by gently shaking most of the grounds out of the filter, and into the trash.  What doesn’t shake loose into trash will be dealt with in step #2.


    Just don’t throw away the filter! .

  2. Turn on kitchen faucet to just more than a trickle, and allow the water to gently rinse away most of the remaining coffee grounds. (You won’t get them all, but no big.  You’re about to fill this thing with fresh new coffee.) . Do not put the filter into the coffee machine (not yet…) . 
  3. Lay the soaking, wet filter (open, flat) onto the kitchen counter (or on a plate, if you prefer).   It should look like a wet, beige circle. .

    Cone-Shaped Coffee Filters
    (difficult to re-use)

  4. Slowly pour your fresh ground coffee onto the wet, flattened out, filter.  If you do it right, you’ll have a tiny mountain of coffee in the middle of the flat, wet disk. .
  5. Carefully pick up the coffee filter by its edge’s 9:o’clock and 3:o’clock positions.  With any luck, the filter will momentarily hold the shape of a bowl, just long enough for you to lower it gently into the coffee machine’s basket. .

That’s it.  If you’ve not already done so, pour in your water, light a fire under Mr. Coffee and let the drip begin!


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