WordPress Rocks!

The Features You’ll Love

I’ve been using WordPress for several months, and I LOVE IT!

What a great service!  And best of all, it’s FREE!

Over the past three years, I’ve compared and weighed pros and cons among the big players (e.g. Google, Wix, and Yahoo!)

As good as their names, these are useful and efficient services, and they all have unique advantages.  Also, each has its own unique disadvantage.


I’ll never know why Yahoo! got rid of their wonderfully designed 360.  It worked fine!  The service they replaced it with (“Yahoo! Small Business Site Solutions“) was OK, but not great – and it’s a PAY service (as in “money”!  Why; the nerve!)


Google Sites is simple to edit, reliable, and packs a variety of appearances (“Themes”) to choose from.

When I say “simple” and “reliable” . . . there’s not much that can go wrong – because there’s not too much I can change about it.

As much as I love most other Google Services – Google Sites can be very rigid.

My “tables”, for example, are permanently black borders on white background (try as I might, I cannot figure out how to change the colors (& I’m not fully certain it’s even do-able!)  Other problems too…


On the other hand Wix is more graphics-based, has some truly impressive animations and screen widgets.

But Wix tends to run slow, pages are sluggish to load.  The graphics can be extremely temperamental (e.g. overlapping shapes difficult to re-aquire, if (“when”) they fall behind other shapes.)

Like many designers in a quest for creativity, I can be a bit disorganized (“scattered”), and I have a hard time “staying inside the lines”.  Wix has no lines to stay inside. Wix offers so much freedom and variety, my Wix sites ended up looking a bit sloppy.


Weighing all factors equally, overall I have been most satisfied with WordPress.

This free service strikes just the right balance of all the different strengths & weaknesses.

Be advised!  There is a slight “learning curve” – so allow yourself some extra time to get the hang of it.  Once you pick up WordPress’ style – it’s extremely simple to use.

Easily accessible controls & formatting, lots of options and different appearances to choose from.

Good, easy navigation for the blogger, as well as surfing visitors.

WordPress is neat & tidy; easy on the eye.  Very professional-looking, and at the same time – it nicely conveys the image I want for my own “look” on the net.


Some might casually refer to this as a “web host“.  Strictly speaking, WordPress is a “blogging service“.  I also use the term web-presence provider.

Whatever one calls it, WordPress is the best such service I’ve seen in a long time, and I strongly recommend WordPress to anyone who’s looking.  Oh, and did I mention?  WordPress is FREE!


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