Extreme Hot Weather


In August, everyone stays inside where it’s cool, and Palm Springs looks like some post-apocalyptic ghost town.

Golly!  It sure scorches crazy hot, here in Palm Springs!

Right now, it’s 4:25 pm, and it’s 105′ (& it’s only May!)

Inside our apartment, I felt the glass to see if it was warm.  It was so hot, I could not keep my fingers on the glass.

Most locals agree that the hot season is from July through Sept., with the hottest time of the year being usually late-August, when temps average about 117′.

Being native Angelinos (& not nearly accustomed to such extreme temperatures) my wife & I have agreed to the following protocol:

  1. During the day, we keep the air conditioner set to 77′ (partly in reverence to Star Wars.)
  2. From June through September, Martina does not leave the house – ever.  (OK; maybe during “dark hours” (before sunrise & after sunset), but only if it’s cooler than 100′.  But pretty generally, Martina stays the __ indoors!)
  3. We don’t leave home without the following:
    a) Money (at least $ 1.00)
    b) Water (preferably 2 thirds frozen)
    c) Cellphone (preferably, fully charged)

There’s one other thing most locals agree with me on:  The cooler 9 months (October through June) make it all worth living here!  Palm Springs is one beautiful town!


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