Heat Stupid

I LOVE WALKING!  It’s the closest thing I get to physical exercise.  If it’s more than 3 miles, then I guess it constitutes a “hike”.

Every so often when I’m out hiking, I’ll start making stupid mistakes, due in large part to the heat.

For instance, I’ll go into a store to buy a bottle of water.  I present it at the cash register, the cashier rings it up and bags it, and then he stops and looks at me.

I wait politely for this cashier to correct whatever little error he’s made.

The cashier’s friendly smile is actually restrained laughter.  The cashier repeats himself, “So that’s $ 1.19; and will that be cash or credit?”

A beat, then … it dawns on me & I blurt out, “OH!  I pay you now.”

“Yes,” the cashier affirms like a pleased gameshow host.

At this point we both quip about how the heat can play the darndest tricks on people, and he tells me to be careful out there.  I thank him and walk out the door – being slow & mindful on my trek.

Similarly I’m extra careful when crossing the street and walking through parking lots.


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