Google Voice

Get your voicemail delivered as audio messages, all contained in your Google Voice inbox (just like email).

You can visually organize your messages, and handle them like email.

Text Too!
All your incoming text messages get sent to that same Google Voice inbox as all your audio voicemail messages.

Using your caller ID, your outgoing message depends on who’s calling.  For example if my wife calls & gets voicemail, this is what she hears:

  • “Hey Sexy!  Sorry I missed your call.  Tell me what I need to know, & i’ll call ya back.  I love you!”  (big sloppy kiss)

On the other hand, if a client calls (Hey!  It could happen!) – they hear something a little more “professonal”:

  • “Hi, you’ve reached the office of Brian Newberry.  I’m currently unavailable, so at the tone please leave your name & a detailed message.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can have as many outgoing messages as you like.

Google gives you a new telephone number (within your area code).  Google Voice will also arrange to have your old phone number automatically re-routed to your new Google number!

In other words, your friends can just keep using the old telephone number they’ve always used!

If ever you stop using Google Voice, then the forwarding stops automatically, and reverts back to your old number.

For more information, check out Google Voice.


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