Learning By Rote

ImageAfter waiting with baited breath, I am excited to announce Martina Newberry‘s latest book, “Learning By Rote” is available for purchase at Deerbrook Editions.

Of this collection, Emmy award-winning poet Kwame Dawes writes, “These poems study with unflinching curiosity the peculiar ways and thoughts of modern human society.”

After reading “Learning By Rote”, poet Eloise Klein Healy writes, “I found myself falling for her sense of things, appreciating not only that she has earned it but that she displays it with a nicely sharp edge.”

Anyone who knows Martina personally would probably agree with Missouri State Poet Laureate David Clewell who writes, “Martina Newberry makes unexpected music we’re better off for listening to.”

Of all the rich & haunting works Martina has written so far, (“After The Earthquake”, “Hunger”, “100 Select Poems”, “Not Untrue & Not Unkind”, “What We Can’t Forgive”, to name just a few), “Learning By Rote” is easily my personal favorite.


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