‘May The Fourth’ Be With You

It’s a silly salute to Star Wars, and has nothing to do with anything in the film.  But it’s harmless and gives me all the excuse I need to talk Jedi!

Just recently discovered that my Star Wars box set has director’s commentary!

I LOVE DIRECTOR’S COMMENTARY!  So I was eager to hear George Lucas’ comments on what is arguably the finest space fantasy film ever made.

As if this wasn’t enough to get my attention, this commentary also features the director of photography, the sound designer, and CARRIE FISHER!

One truth I’ve come to know is commentaries are not always good.  Sometimes they can be downright dull (even if they accompany a well-made, interesting film.)

So I went in with my fingers crossed.

I’m pleased to report this is one terrific commentary!  Informative,

I followed it up with the Empire commentary (George Lucas and Irving Kershner).  Long story short: both Star Wars and Empire have rich and personable commentaries.  Next, I’m eager to see commentary on Return Of The Jedi.


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