Bill’s Pizza

Just had a delicious pizza at Bill’s.  All veggie toppings include onions, carmalized onion, pine nuts, pineapple, garlic, spinach, and artichoke hearts.  The ingredients fresh and flavorful.  This pizza carnivore had no problem devouring several slices.

My beer was Bud Light (usually pretty good, and tonight was no exception).  Martina seldom drinks beer, but tonight she tried a microbrew called “Raspberry Shock Top”.  She said it was one of the best beers she’s ever had.  I tried it – and yes!  It’s an extremely tasty beer.  Just the slightest tinge of raspberry sweetness.  But not so overpowering as to adversely affect that hoppy, grainy beer flavor.   Very tasty beer.

We had walked about a mile before pizza, and another half mile after.  Now I have “food coma”, which surprises me because I thought food coma only happens with “meat” pizza.

But no bother.  The pizza was delicious, the beer refreshing, service friendly & prompt.  Everything was as near to perfect as a dining experience can be.

We strongly recommend & endorse “BILL’S PIZZA”.


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