Imagine MS Office, but Free & Online!

 Free service available to members of MSN &/or HotMail.

A decent service though not nearly as good as its rival Google Drive.

Imagine a cloudware (i.e. no software to install on your computer; everything’s built-in to the website) offering you all the basic functionality of MS Office (specifically; word-processing, spreadsheets, & graphic presentation software), all available as a free online service.

What about important files you created beforehand (“computer files“) you have on your hard drive?  You know – the .doc files, and the .xls files?

You can use SkyDrive‘s upload function to freely upload (and store) your existing files (of any format commonly associated with word processing, spreadsheets and graphics (.doc, xls, .rtf, .txt, .xlsx, .jpg, .ppt, .pptx, .gif, .bmp, etc.))

This free service includes an impressive storage capacity of 7 gigabytes for new users (25 gb for longtime users).

Not only is this web service similar to MS Office, but it’s also similar to its chief competitor Google Drive (the topic of an upcoming article).


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