Free Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Storage, and More!

Formerly called “Google Docs”, now “Google Drive” – this is free cloudware featuring:

  • Word Processor (with Drag & Drop)
  • Spreadsheet
  • Graphics Presentation Software
  • Online Storage
  • Can open & edit most commonly-used formats including:
    • .doc
    • .rtf
    • .ppt
    • .xls
    • .txt
  • Spell-Check, Word Count, & Statistics
  • Format (Bold, Italics, Underlined, Colors, etc.)
  • Multiple Layers of “Undo” / “Redo”
  • Format Paint
  • Print Preview
  • Multiple Clipboard
  • “On-The-Fly” Automatic Spell-Correct
  • Share Files With Non-Members



Slight Advantage / Windows Live SkyDrive:
  • Google Docs gives you 1 gigabyte of storage; SkyDrive gives you 7 gigabytes

SUPER Advantage / Google Drive:

  • Docs allows you to export (or “download“) files in the most frequently used file formats: .rtf, .doc, .ppt, and .xls

I’ve used Google Drive for over a year now, and everything works as advertised.  Excellent FREE resource!

video, produced by Project Wasabi (formerly “Newberry Media”):

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    “Free Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Storage, and More!

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