Our Scheduled Power Outtage


We had a scheduled power outtage today.  Southern California Edison estimated we’d be without power from 8:am till 12:noon.

Our power went off at precisely 8:am (to the minute).

As luck would have it, today was the coolest it’s been in the past month with temps dropping into the low 70s.

But Martina and I had no idea it would stay cool, so instead – we were bracing for 100′ temps (as it’s been the past few weeks).

Martina & I had gone to sit on the back porch because that was the shady side.

In about 45 minutes, we both went in to get jackets.

It was strange hearing the various layers of noise and white noise vanish & reappear.  For example, at 8:am when all the power went out, one could easily hear an abrupt silence.  But then about an hour later, THAT SILENCE immediately went quiet.  In other words – there were at least two separate layers of white noise.

Our bathroom has a great assortment of magazines, so part of the “bathroom experience” involves a shmorgesborg of good reading.  This in mind, we employed one scented candle (multiple function there), and also a flashlight standing upright, so the light cast creates a glow from over head.  Under the circumstances, the candle, and flashlight together are good for reading.

Sitting on the patio, M had a book of poetry, and I, my Graphic Artists’ Guild Handbook.

Beautiful spring day, birds chirping, cool breeze, clear blue skies, yadda, yadda, yadda…

We had our power back up and running at 10:49 am (well over an hour ahead of schedule).

Let’s hear it for Southern California Edison, and a job well done.


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